Friday, 13 April 2007


It wouldn't be appropriate if there wasn't any introduction
[avoiding any sarcasm like i got from [e] ;)
to our latest team members, pedal addicts, crew and the list goes on.

Welcome BeeV from LDN, our lawyer friend and [e]'s other half.
Do get us off the hook from summons...

Welcome djBlink, ooh the name is too hot for us to handle.
Fill it up! Pedal Music Selections.

Welcome Martin from Ogilvy and SBI †. Happy belated Easter!
Get us a proper site?

'We might have fell over our bikes, we might have been labeled as
"poserger" for stylising our ride. But one thing that's ever true to
us, ever close to our heart... is the desire to ride our city "virtually",
a mean to displace time, distance - a mean to maintain our brotherhood.
This is The Rotten Club, we crash, we burn, and we'll keep pedaling' - written by [e]

Let's ride! - ®

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[e] said...

There you go, ® finally doing it the right way. Welcome on board djblink and Mart.

Lets pedal...