Sunday, 22 April 2007


Just stumble across this rather nice looking messenger bag by Chrome. Apparently specially designed for messengers.

Here's what they say
"Chrome manufactures messenger bags and urban cycling wear designed to survive the daily abuse of bicycle messengers worldwide. Our products are created to endure biking ten hours a day in the rain, mud, snow, and grit."

clicky clicky

An interesting range of messengers bags - worth a look for sure. ;)

I really should stop scouting for more accessories, I blame on the long wait for getting my fix. Will be giving Adri (the condor dude) a call tomorrow to find out more and to tell him that I've gotten myself a Nitto Gold Riser. Did I mention that before? :P



® said...

i'd love to ride in ldn day. sigh...waiting in pain

[e] said...

I'm waiting... next year will be a good year!

By then hopefully i know most of the road + some fixies.