Tuesday, 24 April 2007


I remembered this day clearly. The morning just before the big competition.
Was fooling outside my home. That's a bike I won't mind having
again for keep sake: Kuwahara Laser-Lite Tange Cromoly Frame+Fork,
Black Ukai Alloy rims, Shimano pedal, Laser-lite cromoly bar and etc.

For fooling around, I didn't keep any of my trophies and my pictures
and there's one shot of me doing the table top trick which landed me the vert
Championship [Junior] but that's alright. Memories are enough.
From JT usa, I was invited to GT BMX after the competition and got a goody bag
of a white Skyway frame set that comes with 'the' blue fiber-moulded rims and
a year sponsorship.

That was then...
dated May 1984.
[ retaken of the original print from my sis ]

Know what's a table-top? ;)

Lil' ®


BeeV said...

Wow... impressive lil ®
Now you can relive the history
was just thinking..may 1984 - i was just One year old :) and prolly sucking my toes like [e] always say..

[e] said...

comelnyaaaaa si ®. I see there's abit of reunion there.

Btw what happened to you now? You were such a si comel and now...

I request for a re-enact on the stun when you get ur new toy.

® said...

[e] > hey!... back then police officers wore shorts! get my point? or i'll get you to suck your toes
>:P oh yea sure not a problem to do that lil' trick. babies.

beev > yes.. yes i get the point... May is next... ask [e] to get you a bike with blings. yes blings not bling suit beev ;)