Sunday, 29 April 2007

The art of Cykelmageren

Been reading on some understated bike makers in Europe this weekend. But their creations can never be underestimated.

A detail obsessive, big on simplicity and a charismatic spokesman - Rasmus Gjesing, founder of Cykelmageren. With his success in Copenhagen and New York (Moss), he produces 500 bikes a year and only working a handful of employees (9 to be precise). Which explain the obsession in details - every piece is a perfection.

The red lugged devil. hot hot.

The gold lugged smith. bling bling

The Gold and the Black.

Wish I can find more details on these masterpieces.

Find out more here.


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® said...

those low flange hubs are definitely sexy. wonder are those phil wood? my choice: red