Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The making...

This evening I've taken a step closer to getting my fixie. Went down to the Condor Cycle shop @ Gray's Inn road, as usual packed with cyclists, business must be good for them. Queue for bout 5mins and managed to speak to this chap, Adri, who is a racer himself and owned 2 fixies. First impression he seem to be rather serious + reserved, but once we started talking deeper into fixie and "pimping" my ride - he is indeed a very nice chap. I think we spent almost an hour and quarter discussing briefly what suits me best (budget wise especially).

The standard Condor Pista build up is
£699, I've decided to go with the colour theme of silver + white / black , though my wish is to have it as green / yellow combi but eventually we'll get there - I just want a ride, something that's not too overly spent and can start messing about since the building time is blardy long.

Frame: Condor handmade pista (custom jet black) / size 52
Fork: Condor Carbon straight (black)
Crank: Miche Primato, 17" (silver)
Chain: Izumi (gold hopefully, but rather expensive compared to silver)
brakes: Single front with GoldFinger brake lever (gold)
Handerbar: easton riser bar (black, cheap + light)
Stem: Deda (black)
Seatpost: Condor Carbon
Saddle: undecided yet :s
Wheels: Handbuilt DT Aero Rims (Velocity Deep V style)
Hubs: Condor hubs
Tyres: White or yellow (not sure which brand yet)

This is pretty much the built within
£800-850. I'll be expecting a final figure + building time tomorrw, and Adri painfully said that the building time can range from 2.5wks (off peak season) to 5wks (peak season i.e. now >.<"! ) Since all the Condor frames are handmade in Italy, thus the long dreadful wait. Will be keeping this in loop. Now lets see, time for accessories :P

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