Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Meeting our kind...

As we are getting closer to getting our rides, we've have found a number of like minded people who are posting their "fixtories" (I'd called it fixie stories - suggestions always welcome). These people are either messengers or regular Joes + Julies who are purely for the love of the sport.

They're mainly in London, UK. Here's the list.

London Bicycle Messengers Association (LBMA)

The LBMA is a group of messengers and ex-messengers who have come together to give a voice to London's most visible cycling group. Despite 20 years of service to London businesses, generating annual revenues worth £45 million, London's bicycle messengers have had no consistent representation at any level in London, other than that provided by Moving Target, the London messenger fanzine. In the context of growing coherence of international messenger groups, coordinated by the umbrella organisation of the International Federation of Bicycle Messenger Associations, London's messengers are some way behind other major cities.

(Texts from LBMA)

Fixed Gear London

Are a group of riders who have a passion for the bikes they ride... and the way they ride them.

(Texts from Fixed Gear London)

Will be getting in touch with them once I'm ready and hopefully able to grow this slightly bigger - sharing knowledges, laughs and etc. Till then...


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