Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Gmaps Pedometer...

Just found this cool site that helps you map out your everyday journey from point A to B. Just did mine and to my surprise is about 6.23 miles (ard 10km - clicky for route). Looks like I'll be a lean mean machine in no time.

Some fooling ard.
10km x 2 (to n back from home & office) = 20km / day

20km x 5 working days = 100km

for every 10km I'll burn approx 655 calories thus in a (working) week I'll burned approx. 655 calories x 100km = 65,500 calories over a course for 5days<-- what an investment! Speed cal. 8km takes approx. 30mins (1km = 4.5mins, also means travelling at 13km/hr) therefore 10km = 45mins <--- :O
Madness I really need to cycle faster, 45mins is far too long / slow!

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