Sunday, 29 April 2007

Alta... A hidden treasure.

One bike to rule them all...

A combined Norwegian effort had put together an amazing creation, Alta - single speed bike designed to perform in the urban jungle . A group of designers ranging from graphic to product to furniture to mainstream advertising had put together what they claimed to be a hybrid between a classic courier and a MTB. This ultra alu baybeh weighs only 9kg.

If only I've discovered them earlier, I wld be riding them now. But then again, the great saying - Good things come to those who wait.

White - pure

Yellow - I rike

Not too bad eh.

Check out their ad.

Thunder...thunder...thunderrrr thighhhh...

Hmm... not soo my kind...

So ®, if all else fail, this might an option for you. fairly decent price - approx €665 + VAT. Wld defo consider this for my second fixie :P Too bad the size is a bit too large for the Beever >.<" Find out more here



® said...

fingers x for delancey to arrive this week. hopefully. they are nice but i'm not feeling those Tig weldings that aren't done properly. looks bad but yea i like the diameter thickness. it gives beef to onlookers.

Anonymous said...

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