Sunday, 15 April 2007

On my shoulder...

First of the many accessories for my fixie craze (crave even). This will not happen if not for my lovely woman who's willing to get this piece of beauty for my coming b'day pressie.Thank you! ^^

Here's the pic again

Soon I'll be modelling it myself for your pleasure ;) Hope it'll not be too awkward for this lefty.

I've put an immediate wishlist of mine:

• Messenger bag:
BJ x BH (Olive / white / red) - checked

• Jacket / Softshell:

Rapha SoftShell
Angel of Mountain - Bidding

Head Porter Plus Cycling jacket (Green - sold out b*$tard) - wishing

• Cycling shorts:

Rapha Fixed Shorts (Black) -
wishing (but soon)
Head Porter Plus Checked Shorts (though not designed for cycling but sweet - sold out again b*$tard) - wishing

• Saddle:
Brooks B-17 Narrow (Antique Brown) -
wishing (but soon)

• Saddle post:
Miche Supertype (Gold -
sold out b*$tard) - wishing

• Grips:
Brooks leather grips (
sold out b*$tard) - wishing
Brooks leather Bar tapes - wishing

• Handlebar:

Nitto Riser (Gold -
sold out b*$tard) - wishing

• Gloves:
Rapha fixed gloves (By now I'm a sucka for Rapha
) - wishing

All these accessories really do add up the figure. So I hv to pick them real carefull, else I might blow a big hole in my pocket and my woman will leave me :P

Let us all dream, wish and pedal more...



® said...

Nice...glad to see someone appreciate colours. Ought to stick some reflector there mate... can i get one? lemme know...

BeeV said...

Rapha SoftShell Angel of Mountain - Checked!
Rapha Fixed Shorts (Black) - Checked!

hmm..and loads more getting checked day by day..u know what i mean!

[e] said...

Am still waiting for the main actor... I just want to rideeee... give me my FIXIEEEEEEEE...