Thursday, 19 April 2007

My shoulder, my hand.

As promised, BJxBH has finally arrived today. What more can I say, such a beauty. Slight issue, I need to get used to the way I wear the bag, as you know, it can be a bit tricky for lefties. Am sure it'll be alright as time goes.

Will post some details as the wkend unfold (or requested). Too tired + lazy atm >.<"

I've taken a photo of the Izumi Pearl gloves.

Enjoy. Cheerz.



® said...

Nice bag! [cough] June is just around the corner [cough again]

Same problem I had when tried BJXHP.

Rockin' messenger bag... [cough]

BeeV said...

Nice nice...May is around the corner [cough cough cough] hope u get the very "subtle" cough message ,[e]. we don't need syrups tho :p

[e] said...

*cough* *cough*

hmm...the virus has spread