Monday, 30 April 2007


Raleigh Chopper

Kuwahara Laser-Lite

Kuwahara E.T.

Kuwahara Nova

Haro Freestyler


Redline 600A - Survivor

2007... WIP

Images: BMX Museum

Sunday, 29 April 2007

The art of Cykelmageren

Been reading on some understated bike makers in Europe this weekend. But their creations can never be underestimated.

A detail obsessive, big on simplicity and a charismatic spokesman - Rasmus Gjesing, founder of Cykelmageren. With his success in Copenhagen and New York (Moss), he produces 500 bikes a year and only working a handful of employees (9 to be precise). Which explain the obsession in details - every piece is a perfection.

The red lugged devil. hot hot.

The gold lugged smith. bling bling

The Gold and the Black.

Wish I can find more details on these masterpieces.

Find out more here.


Alta... A hidden treasure.

One bike to rule them all...

A combined Norwegian effort had put together an amazing creation, Alta - single speed bike designed to perform in the urban jungle . A group of designers ranging from graphic to product to furniture to mainstream advertising had put together what they claimed to be a hybrid between a classic courier and a MTB. This ultra alu baybeh weighs only 9kg.

If only I've discovered them earlier, I wld be riding them now. But then again, the great saying - Good things come to those who wait.

White - pure

Yellow - I rike

Not too bad eh.

Check out their ad.

Thunder...thunder...thunderrrr thighhhh...

Hmm... not soo my kind...

So ®, if all else fail, this might an option for you. fairly decent price - approx €665 + VAT. Wld defo consider this for my second fixie :P Too bad the size is a bit too large for the Beever >.<" Find out more here


Friday, 27 April 2007

Thomas Edison Fixie tricks

It's definite genuine.

PEDAL MUSIC - Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism


High Flange Miche

Low Flange Miche

High Flange and Sealed.

Headset 1.1/8 GripNut [threaded] by King.
Available 1" threadless. Assorted colours and TI.

Also I am looking at recoating. Powdered not sprayed.
My gut feel tells me I won't be able to get it done here due to availibility.
Powdered withstand bruises better and smoother. Electric.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

In Fixed We Trust... (IFWT)

Something to share. ® sent me his lovely visual of a lugged frame wrapped around by a scroll labelled IFWT. But somehow it's missing one element, fixed-wheels or gear which is what this is all about.

Did a half gear stencil, flipped sprayed: gold + silver seperately (to create a complete gear), popped it into the printer and have ®'s visual printed over it.

Result: more urban'ish, the rose sort of make it quite rockish. RawwWWw

Flat angle.

Angled: reflective effects from metallic paints

Back to you ®. Ping...


Wednesday, 25 April 2007

L(Br)ooks count...

The latest addition to my accessories (yes yes I know, I'm still waiting for me actual fixie), please put your hands together and welcome Brooks B17, nice and slim with some sexy laces around the skirt.

Warning: Adult contents.

Isn't she lovely? :)

Lacey on the skirt

What a fine arse... mind the upskirt angle.

Well protected - moisturiser w/ fine quality cloth and err... a spanner


Tuesday, 24 April 2007


I remembered this day clearly. The morning just before the big competition.
Was fooling outside my home. That's a bike I won't mind having
again for keep sake: Kuwahara Laser-Lite Tange Cromoly Frame+Fork,
Black Ukai Alloy rims, Shimano pedal, Laser-lite cromoly bar and etc.

For fooling around, I didn't keep any of my trophies and my pictures
and there's one shot of me doing the table top trick which landed me the vert
Championship [Junior] but that's alright. Memories are enough.
From JT usa, I was invited to GT BMX after the competition and got a goody bag
of a white Skyway frame set that comes with 'the' blue fiber-moulded rims and
a year sponsorship.

That was then...
dated May 1984.
[ retaken of the original print from my sis ]

Know what's a table-top? ;)

Lil' ®

Monday, 23 April 2007


High Density Ballistic Nylon. Durable stuff. Real messenger.


If only they are like accesories. Red's my choice.

Images from Yahoo JP

Sunday, 22 April 2007


Just stumble across this rather nice looking messenger bag by Chrome. Apparently specially designed for messengers.

Here's what they say
"Chrome manufactures messenger bags and urban cycling wear designed to survive the daily abuse of bicycle messengers worldwide. Our products are created to endure biking ten hours a day in the rain, mud, snow, and grit."

clicky clicky

An interesting range of messengers bags - worth a look for sure. ;)

I really should stop scouting for more accessories, I blame on the long wait for getting my fix. Will be giving Adri (the condor dude) a call tomorrow to find out more and to tell him that I've gotten myself a Nitto Gold Riser. Did I mention that before? :P


Thursday, 19 April 2007

My shoulder, my hand.

As promised, BJxBH has finally arrived today. What more can I say, such a beauty. Slight issue, I need to get used to the way I wear the bag, as you know, it can be a bit tricky for lefties. Am sure it'll be alright as time goes.

Will post some details as the wkend unfold (or requested). Too tired + lazy atm >.<"

I've taken a photo of the Izumi Pearl gloves.

Enjoy. Cheerz.



Called up Habib an old biker friend last night.
We used to do MTB in Singapore and Pulau Ubin.
And had a good update. And found alternatives and here's one.
Building your own bike [literally] is the most exciting thing
you can do before riding it. It helps a lot in many other ways.

And I received another email from... here's to you Superman...

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Finally, the long awaited NikeID - GOLD RUSH has arrived in my office this morning. Making me look rather popular especially on my Birthday. Shortly after that, I was again surprised by another package on my table, Rapha softshell jacket + fixed shorts. Indeed making me feel like a kid once again as I digged into all my pressies on my Birthday morning. My better half had also mailed me saying that my BJxBH will be arriving tomorrow. I must say I'm well happy and very contented for the moment.

Help yourself with some of the pics of my pressies (mind the quality of the pictures, had the cam on wrong setting and cant be arsed to do them again)


Details 1

The pair - comes with a nice dustbag + drawer box

Heel tabs - GOLD RUSH

Rapha - Fixed shorts

Details - Rapha on the pocket

Padded cycling shorts w/ 3 buttons on ending for tightening purposes

Details of the ending with 3 buttons

Rapha - Softshell Jacket

Very light, slim fit jacket with leather shoulder "padding"

Details of shoulder leather padding

Angel of the mountain...

Oh. My housemate, Dean got me a pair of Izumi Pearl gloves (black), will have some photos up tomorrow as he got me a size bigger.

I have most of the accessories to make my ride (except for brooks saddle + grips)... Now where is my damn bike? I reckon another 2 - 3 more weeks before it will materialise. Probably will give the condor chap a ring this week to find out where it stands.

More to updates to come...