Wednesday, 11 April 2007


I'm not sure what have I gotten myself into. Initially was just hunting for a gold saddle or a gold seatpost but the beauty of Brooks has totally mesmerise me in which also has shaken on my colour theme for my ride.

Black / Gold and Black / Honey Leather is not far too off. Perhaps I can greedily combine them both.

Here's what I've been drooling all over.

Brooks England B17 Saddle Narrow (brown)... timeless

Brooks Leather Ring Grips (off the bay) More

Check out this insanely beautiful Brooks leather grip.

Brooks leather grips on the bay

If all else fail, this will be my final opt for the leather look.

Brooks Leather Bar Tape Perf (expensive one)

Brooks Leather Bar Tape (slightly cheaper)

Check out more masterpieces BrooksEngland website

While trying hard to find matching accessories for the fixie, I've managed to dig this old skool Schwinn gold grips
on the bay. Hope the size fits our regular riser / flat bars (25.4mm).

SCHWINN Gold Grips

Lets see what they come back to me. But most likely I'm stuck with Brooks for now...which also spells Broke >.<"

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BeeV said...

OH NO!!! Not another expensive fixie accessories..... Yes Brooks=Broke! :(