Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Here are the pics. vJ flooded me with them.
For those interested of getting a lugged.

As told frameset in mint condition.
Silver lug lining.

Decals are in excellent condition.

Check that fork. See any holes?

Frameset comes with 105 headset and Dura Ace seatpost only.
Not complete bike. All for $900
[Singapore dollar]
with free shipping to Kuala Lumpur. Not sure about
worldwide though. If you're really interested hit the button
to have your questions answered. TR.Bikes. Lynten or vJ.

If I am not wrong this one is '85. And yes Italian.



Check 'the end combo' It's Madness.

Monday, 28 January 2008


Bridgeys in 54

Viner in 53

sigh... that blue lugged one...
I'll update more once vJ hit me with details.
Or if you're having a rash
for these kick ass frames now.
Go scratch Lynten or vJ, TRBikes. :)
Oh I almost missed the wooden bar seen on the 2008
Soma Rush. Get it,
soak bar ends with kerosene, mount it,
light it up and ride real quick downhill. Evel Knievel dude!
Nah really check them out...the bars.

p/s: Does not come with old school wooden
Main E-Switch Board hehe...



They are inconsistent, unreasonable, all gloated for their own benefits.
Why must they tax a single laced rim and two tyres for personal usage?
I'm not making a business out of it. It's just a laced rim with two tyres...
just that... so be more considerate as we pay our taxes too.
geez get it right fellas

Sorry but I need to rant.



I've considered, compared, decided, want and
will have one in the very near future.


Saturday, 26 January 2008


Colnago. Another Tar Licker on the bay.

Thursday, 24 January 2008


I can't remember if I posted this but I think I did
last year. But who gives a flying kite care
'cos they are sick, hawt, ill, wicked, teh bike etc etc.

Portland based Vanilla Bicycles is anything but.
Old-school Vanillas are designed and operated
by one-man owner
Sacha White, who specializes
in personalized, custom made bikes
and Scott Ramsey,
assistant and customer service.

Sacha - This passion is what drives me still.
Whether I am meeting with a customer and
discussing the design of their new frame,
sculpting a brass joint, or polishing stainless lugs
on a frame for 10 hours straight.
- oh yes we can tell from your hair - :)

You’ll have to have a lot of patience -
Vanilla Bicycles take up to 4 - 5 years to make.
And the price? Well all I can say is
'The best thing in life ain't for free'

I am in love again... jump to the site and check those ill details.



It's a Vitus 979 Duralinox [era 80's]

I have mixed feelings about this frame
but nonetheless it's interesting.
Anyone knows does Vitus still exist?
I tried but all I got was a black page...

...while searching for Italian/French builts I stumble upon
this person, Frank Spivey, Drilliums [60's-70's]
Quite honestly I've yet to find out who's Frank Spivey
besides drilling stuffs. My knowledge for classics/vintage
began only recently. Thanks to Alan's passion.
So forgive me for the lack of info that I think I ought to be
giving and if you have any please do so :)
... anyways, according to the written claim that that crank
started out as a Campagnolo's Track Record. Good at it I must say.

Look at the
sweet drilled hubs.
A set of hubs Frank machined from aluminum billet in the late 1960s.
Campagnolo axles and bearing races were incorporated]

More to come... fr/it stuffs.


Okay I am lazy and I scoop'd this out from Alex
but if you wanna see more, check via Straightchain.
Also he's been busy wif sumfin' sumfin'.
I suspect a black and purple soon... :D


Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Nagasawa!!

Sorry...bad robot!!!

Almost ready

Fix Up, Look Sharp

Just under 6 weeks until I'll be fixed up proper by Mr. Bob Jackson. A Vigorelli Track frame in Verde Germoglio with yellow decals and yellow lug lining has been ordered, ebay is being monitored and the anticipation is building!

January Blue...

Lately i've been seeing a fair bit of blue'ish bits and bobs and i must say they are starting to grow on me.

Check out this hawt Selle Italia saddle. classico superdo... very sexy

Cop them while you can, they're on the bay.



We've seen camo on bikes before but I personally find
this one understated and muted. And I like it very much
Remind me so much of that classic tv series 'Combat' and
M.A.S.H. [not that mashsf] Only one thing which bothers me,
the shiny bit. If it was matte green with some simple off white
army graphics or maybe just a white star BAM! you're dead! gorgeous!
What do you guys think? Yes? No? Like? Hate? Watever...?

Image Shinya, Circles-jp.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


...for my Ciocc set up.
I can't seem to let go of the Campy hubs though [posted below]
Also I'm waiting for Alan's Bob Jackson frames
to be posted sometime in Feb.
Maybe this time I'll be able to cop one from him?
Argh... I'm gonna get burn again...



[e], craig & }i{ should get this!
Champion scarf from TrackstarNYC.



The Bike Boutique
Malaysia - End Jan
Hong Kong - 2008
Phuket - 2008
Jakarta - 2008
Manila - 2008
Perth - 2008

They really are making life better
with two wheels at one time!



f'kin campy yo. I waaah.....nt... :(

F$%^ me! F.Inc frame etching.
Showcase bike for the exhibition via BERLIN <>LA?


...wants to ride but he's afraid of the LE Confetti hub.

Monday, 21 January 2008


I have been following the news of this
particular frame for awhile now.
Not that I that I like it nor do I dislike it. It's ok.
Since they weld frames for BMX originally
this frame could be possibly it for those hardcore tricksters.
Just check those short and small head tube for a 51cm.
You know where I'm getting at...

The Sword, FBM.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

The night with the sound of footsteps...

All started good with a quick call from Brian (HKfixies) who suggested to have a ride from Canary Wharf to Greenwich O2. First ever meeting with Brian, a Mondo frame with a pair of very attractive Hed wheels. Before we got any further, we popped by this Chinese noodle restaurant just round the corner of the station @ Cutty Sark for a bite.

Easy ride down to O2 with barely any traffic in sight.
When we hit the O2, thought the fun might be just about to start... a loud hiss that could be heard miles away and before I realised, the distressed look on Brian's face said it all. A blardy puncture on his rear bling tubular hed >.<"

An early night for me and a long walk for Brian with only the sound of his own footsteps...

p.s. Pic taken right after his puncture where the fun has left the cold night.



Selle An-Atomica Ostrich Leather.
It's great to have options but...
What do you guys think?


Friday, 18 January 2008


It's all about two wheels.
You can get them from amazon.


Thursday, 17 January 2008


Since I've got some time to spare today here's
one I found - Steyr Daimler in 56. Sweet.

oh i soo want this...

this too...