Wednesday, 23 January 2008


We've seen camo on bikes before but I personally find
this one understated and muted. And I like it very much
Remind me so much of that classic tv series 'Combat' and
M.A.S.H. [not that mashsf] Only one thing which bothers me,
the shiny bit. If it was matte green with some simple off white
army graphics or maybe just a white star BAM! you're dead! gorgeous!
What do you guys think? Yes? No? Like? Hate? Watever...?

Image Shinya, Circles-jp.


Anonymous said...

great point of you. enjoy reading posts.

[e] said...

i reckon. white off stencil graphic and a BAM yellow star for the head badge.

Though i like the understated militaristic green with a bit of fluffy pink. a good contrast between a masculine and girly. There's a story there defo. :)

® said...

i agree with the stencil bit but i'm not sure where you are at about the fluff love story... lol :D

[e] said...

... /slap

haha talking bout the contrast of pink and military green.

® said...

yea i got that but that's fluffy love story. again? tsk tsk tsk ;)