Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Most have seen this but
I can't stop myself from
admiring the lugs especially
on this green. I'm going insane.
When will I stop...when will I stop...

...SupaCorsa Supa Lug Pista



CyclingWMD said...

Daaaaamn, that is one hott frame!

Anonymous said...

maybe the price tag will put an end to it. it's a beautful frame, but they really want a good stack of money for it. :)

® said...

It's awesome rightt!
Out of curiousity, I contacted Luigi[Cinelli IT] but not much info though. But he did copy the email to a local Cinelli distributor here but... the local dude got it wrong. He thought I wanted a SUPERCORSA [road frame] I'll have to wait for his reply again.

Anonymous said...

well, the german distributor sells them for approx. 1600 euro, which is around 2300 usd... might help ya. ;)

® said...

what!?? that's incredibly ridiculous! !!!

Anonymous said...

that's cinelli.

i really like the looks of the frame, but that is just a helluva lot of bucks.

® said...

just imagine if you loose this bike!