Thursday, 24 January 2008


It's a Vitus 979 Duralinox [era 80's]

I have mixed feelings about this frame
but nonetheless it's interesting.
Anyone knows does Vitus still exist?
I tried but all I got was a black page...

...while searching for Italian/French builts I stumble upon
this person, Frank Spivey, Drilliums [60's-70's]
Quite honestly I've yet to find out who's Frank Spivey
besides drilling stuffs. My knowledge for classics/vintage
began only recently. Thanks to Alan's passion.
So forgive me for the lack of info that I think I ought to be
giving and if you have any please do so :)
... anyways, according to the written claim that that crank
started out as a Campagnolo's Track Record. Good at it I must say.

Look at the
sweet drilled hubs.
A set of hubs Frank machined from aluminum billet in the late 1960s.
Campagnolo axles and bearing races were incorporated]

More to come... fr/it stuffs.


CyclingWMD said...

Dude, vintage bikes are the shit! I'm stoked you're getting all into them now cause of lil old me (along with others I'm sure). As for Vitus, they're long defunct. However the Alan (uh-laun) label is still out there. No more screwed and glued frames being made anymore though. And BTW, is THE best historic cycling site out there if you haven't already checked it out...

® said...

i hear you dude. there's so much more to absorb and i'm going ga-ga over them. yea i happened to stumble classicrendezvous just the other day. thanks anyway. i'm beginning to worry about this whole vintage bike thing... the more i see the more i want to own one...and i have only so much $ :(

see ya dude. it's time to go classic browsing again... thanks again.