Friday, 31 August 2007

Project Bumblebee: Completed

First major upgrade of my fixie after 6months has finally come to an end. It took some time to find the right bits but it's all well worth.

The list:

Condor Pista

Condor Carbon

F: Aerospoke + Veloflex Pave - Natural/Yellow
R: Deep Velocity + Vittoria Rubino Black/Black

Condor Miche

Chainring + Crank + Sprocket:
Miche 46:18

Izumi Gold 1/8

Pedals + Cage:

Deda 110mm

Nitto Gold Riser

Oury Yellow

Brake lever:
Diatech Goldfinger

Front Brake:

Viscount Aero seat

The Pic:


Saturday, 25 August 2007


Finally, my first major upgrade on my fixie is coming to an end (easier on the wallet now). The yummy yellow Viscount Aero seat managed to find its way here this morning (cheers Stephen!) before I headed out to Covent Garden. To my surprise this seat feels pretty comfortable, just slightly slimmer (rear width) compared to my old Brooks.

The looks? It's loud and I kinda like the attention too ;) Hopefully this loudness will deter thieves further from nicking my ride.

Here's the pics

Last but not least: Yellow Oury grips. You get the idea ;)



Here's a better view of my bike. Added a protector
on the lower frame. the chrome finishing looks great.

Gold lining - Stressful. Didn't do a good job on this but I
think I can live with it [at the moment] as I suspect in a couple
of months and countless rides I will need to strip this down and
coat the frame with a better finishing. A thicker one indeed.
It's good to know what went wrong and what to do next...

... next will update more ride pics instead.
Ok... I'm off to a car park...

Friday, 24 August 2007


Cheap converts. Looking good.
Chrome sticker on carbon spacers. Can you notice? :)
Will get King's silver spacers soon.

Today I didn't manage to give it a go but definite
tomorrow's a ride day. Patches to be made.
Maybe a trick or two?


Wednesday, 22 August 2007


After all the trouble to get this fixed...

it's worth the pain...

Details to be added soon... gold lug lining and etc.
And of course, the ride itself. More pics soon.
Sorry guys. Due to work, I am just lacking of energy
to type more than this...

- ® - The Enemy

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My little ride and catch of the day!

Yo rotten clubbers! Thought is about time to put the pix up on me bike (unfortunately nothing to drool over like any of you guys' sweet "ride") but what can i say...let's just say this bike serves me well. And the good news is i finally learnt to ride a bike after 23 years of my life as a homosapien (shockingly true!).
Am maneuvering it around Canary Wharf area only as im still pretty afraid of the silly trucks and buses and all the rest of the traffic!!
And [e] is usually miles away either waiting or enjoying his ride even before i start to go half the distance he made. oh well, but we managed (more like I managed) to cycle and followed him to Billingsgate market to get some fresh seafood couple of weeks ago!

Anyway, here are the pics of my foldable Dahon bike gifted to me by [e] after my not-so-successful try on the vintage Raleigh.

Well tbh, I think im more bothered about the here are the pics of the yummy lobster, crabs, prawns and scallops...*yumz*

Chinese seafood porridge

Catch of the day: Lobster with brandy sauce on egg thin pasta

Just me, beeV

Friday, 17 August 2007


Just got the Yellow Veloflex today and it looked gorgeously sexy and sweet. Oh got the Continental inner tube as well and to my surprise it comes with a yellow valve cap ;)

Veloflex yellow tire with natural wall + Continental LV inner tube

Putting together a new folded tire can be tricky, nonetheless I manage to put it together with a bit of help from Bee ;)

Taking off old tire + tube

Glazing the honey on Aerospoke


More sweetness

highly recommend. oh 120psi...sweet

Now my rear wheel looks extremely inferior. Next week hopefully will be popping down to Bricklane Bikes to sort myself out a Yellow Deep V, i'm feeling almost desperate to get it right now!

Bumblebee incoming...

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


After 3 1/2 weeks of waiting and finally the Aerospoke has shown up today. I've attached a few pics for your viewing, more to come when I get yellow Veloflex tire later this week if not next week.

Upcoming changes:

1. CKT sloping stem
2. Rear wheel: Yellow Deep V + full black tire
3. Yellow Koga Saddle

These changes would complete my first major round of changes / upgrades.

Aerospoke box: Front

Aerospoke box: Rear

Happy fixie 01

Happy fixie 02

Enjoy :D

Saturday, 11 August 2007


I had it planned the week before to get Enemy [ my bike] fixed.
And today was the day it will be fixed but not until I
took out the frame and saw a dark spot.
Previous paint job was bad enough that it chipped
before I even started fixing it. Not to mention riding.
How upsetting and a spoiler...

The frame set and 3T stem is back in the paint shop.
This time round it's the real deal powder coating instead.
Though I'd to dig my pockets for extras but
I am surprised that
it is not that pricey after all.
I will see the outcome on Tuesday or so
and I hope it will be satisfactory. Fingers x'd.

Next week, this space will be filled with the full on fixie.

Two sighs for another weekend w/o a ride, dread...


Saturday, 4 August 2007


Gold spokes nips from Shinya.

Delancey... more pics to update.
10% to go.