Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My little ride and catch of the day!

Yo rotten clubbers! Thought is about time to put the pix up on me bike (unfortunately nothing to drool over like any of you guys' sweet "ride") but what can i say...let's just say this bike serves me well. And the good news is i finally learnt to ride a bike after 23 years of my life as a homosapien (shockingly true!).
Am maneuvering it around Canary Wharf area only as im still pretty afraid of the silly trucks and buses and all the rest of the traffic!!
And [e] is usually miles away either waiting or enjoying his ride even before i start to go half the distance he made. oh well, but we managed (more like I managed) to cycle and followed him to Billingsgate market to get some fresh seafood couple of weeks ago!

Anyway, here are the pics of my foldable Dahon bike gifted to me by [e] after my not-so-successful try on the vintage Raleigh.

Well tbh, I think im more bothered about the seafood..so here are the pics of the yummy lobster, crabs, prawns and scallops...*yumz*

Chinese seafood porridge

Catch of the day: Lobster with brandy sauce on egg thin pasta

Just me, beeV


® said...

I'd die to ride with you guys and it is not because we know each other but it's the post-ride session. Damn I'm hungry...

Nice one beeV.
ps: she's the TRC chef :)

® said...

ahh... nice haircut...

BeeV said...

thank u sir! :)
yes it'll make [e] a happy man if u could ride with him and then there's post-ride foody session...