Friday, 24 August 2007


Cheap converts. Looking good.
Chrome sticker on carbon spacers. Can you notice? :)
Will get King's silver spacers soon.

Today I didn't manage to give it a go but definite
tomorrow's a ride day. Patches to be made.
Maybe a trick or two?



[e] said...

Haha cant tell from a distant. Good workmanship ;)

Lets hope the sticker don't go pear shape with the heat + humidity back home.

® said...

don't worry. i have extras ;) just did the lug lining... stressful... and the bike fell over and i've got smeared paint on the frame... argh... cont. on sunday... argh...

[e] said...

haha get yourself one of these mofo.

® said...

yea i need one of those and actually have forgotten when i went to the shop... need a chain lock too. most prob. i'll diy one with rotten silkscreen too ;)