Saturday, 11 August 2007


I had it planned the week before to get Enemy [ my bike] fixed.
And today was the day it will be fixed but not until I
took out the frame and saw a dark spot.
Previous paint job was bad enough that it chipped
before I even started fixing it. Not to mention riding.
How upsetting and a spoiler...

The frame set and 3T stem is back in the paint shop.
This time round it's the real deal powder coating instead.
Though I'd to dig my pockets for extras but
I am surprised that
it is not that pricey after all.
I will see the outcome on Tuesday or so
and I hope it will be satisfactory. Fingers x'd.

Next week, this space will be filled with the full on fixie.

Two sighs for another weekend w/o a ride, dread...


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