Friday, 17 August 2007


Just got the Yellow Veloflex today and it looked gorgeously sexy and sweet. Oh got the Continental inner tube as well and to my surprise it comes with a yellow valve cap ;)

Veloflex yellow tire with natural wall + Continental LV inner tube

Putting together a new folded tire can be tricky, nonetheless I manage to put it together with a bit of help from Bee ;)

Taking off old tire + tube

Glazing the honey on Aerospoke


More sweetness

highly recommend. oh 120psi...sweet

Now my rear wheel looks extremely inferior. Next week hopefully will be popping down to Bricklane Bikes to sort myself out a Yellow Deep V, i'm feeling almost desperate to get it right now!

Bumblebee incoming...


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Nice site! Cool bike too, Erik. Put up some pictures of Bee on a bike too :)


[e] said...

haha cheers johann i bet you have many more nice bikes there in Netherlands.

Soon soon she'll hv some pics up.

When can we go there and cycle?

Anonymous said...

Anytime man, anytime :)
Our country is mostly a flat one, so no sweat hehe