Wednesday, 15 August 2007


After 3 1/2 weeks of waiting and finally the Aerospoke has shown up today. I've attached a few pics for your viewing, more to come when I get yellow Veloflex tire later this week if not next week.

Upcoming changes:

1. CKT sloping stem
2. Rear wheel: Yellow Deep V + full black tire
3. Yellow Koga Saddle

These changes would complete my first major round of changes / upgrades.

Aerospoke box: Front

Aerospoke box: Rear

Happy fixie 01

Happy fixie 02

Enjoy :D


Craig said...

Dude I can see by your saddle that you got just as wet as me on my way home... lol not fun!

ps...... it looks sweet

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BeeV said...

congrats!! and btw, the aerospoke is veli nice :)