Thursday, 29 May 2008

6 months of riding on London streets in London weather =

dead bottom bracket!

EAI cog rant....

Before i post about my Langster build (its the best), i thought i would make a point of saying how crap the EAI superstar sprocket is, especially at £32. It basically turned my bike into a tractor, chainline perfect, several chains and chainrings...still noisy as shit....replaced with a phil wood.....instant silence! Maybe i was unlucky but i won't be buying EAI sprockets again even with the fancy pouch you get!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Rossin Pursuit - Glory days.

Photo supplied by Brian Kwan.

Rossin Pursuit Frame. *Update*

Got the frame cleaned up and rust free (most of the bit). Sorted the headset bearings and replaced a new bb (Campy Chorus).

I've also replaced the 650c fork with a 700c. I'll try restore the 650c fork as it's plagued with rust :( If not sandblast and repaint might b the only option.

With the "new" fork + seatpost + rust freeish

Got rid of large chunk of rust on the seatpost tubing area. Put the shine back. Now I need some sort of clear varnish to prevent / protect her from elements. Suggestion?

"new" fork + serviced headset w/ spacer

Gipiemme Strada 170mm crankset. Will be getting a more realistic chainring.

Campagnolo C-Record seatpost

More to come.



Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Rossin is finally here with me.

Sorry chaps & ladies for spamming too much about this Rossin pursuit frame lately >.<"

Just got this lady off last night and like all proud owner will say how beautiful she is. There are a fair bit rusts and scruffs but again this frame is made and raced in the mid 80's. I guess vinegar will be my best friend for this couple of weeks in my attempts to get rid of them. Any advises on how to get rid of them best will be much appreciated.

Here's some detail photos of the pursuit.

This is probably how steep it going to be :O

Campy headset that comes with it. Bearings seem all dried out and need to replace.

Knackered Campy BB. Need to replace a new one.

Other details

The 700c fork for my daily use.

It'll take me a while to get this beast on road non the less the process is always the best bits ;)



Monday, 19 May 2008


A nice ride down to Paddington for some ciders with Craiggy + Jon.

Btw I'll be selling my Condor frame (maybe with wheels) + bits.


Queen's Park summerish ride

A bit behind on this post.

Around 2 wks ago when we still have the warm + sunny days of Summer. Rode down to the Queen's Park
+ trying to do some laps with the p
ros (bad idea Craggy).

Peaceful... Away from the traffic.


Poser :P craiggy n his newly found love, Natalie.


Friday, 16 May 2008

*Updates* Mario Rossin's Pursuit

Finally Yann from BLB agreed to sell it to me. Yayyyy!!! Will be picking up on Monday. More pics to come.

Will be checking 650c fork for you ®.


Nice little vid from Super Ted

One of the crew from the Fixed Gear London.


Friday, 9 May 2008


It's been awhile since we've seen any good stuffs posted.
Alan just posted these sweet frames up. What? You guys don't know?
Well what are you lazy m' f#$@%^* waiting for
Go check it out at CyclingWMD. [Yo dude do you have
to post the pink one right up there to lure me? hehe... ]

Feeling the purple one too.

It's all good guys, it's all good... now go spent some good
dollars on these.

p/s: Anyone got lucky with the jackpot and wanna spent
some extras on a frame for me? Appreciate if shipping will
be included too Hehehe... good night guys.



The latest additional to TRC London is Jon. A very passionate fixed rider, especially with his Langster >.<" His next project could either be a Japanese steel or bianchi pista concept. Hopefully we'll see his progress here!



Wednesday, 7 May 2008


We've seen so many anodized parts already but with very little
on cranks and rings. Damn me, just found out these complete
set of beauties. S-75s. Purple is haze man.

Available on Messenger Zen too.

And for those annoying flapping straps.

Button them down.

Available at Circles-JP and BlueLug respectively.

-®- still on a break.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Mission accomplished

Today saw the first ride of Nagasawa... and in a word awesome!!

the other bike is Jon's :0)