Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Rossin is finally here with me.

Sorry chaps & ladies for spamming too much about this Rossin pursuit frame lately >.<"

Just got this lady off last night and like all proud owner will say how beautiful she is. There are a fair bit rusts and scruffs but again this frame is made and raced in the mid 80's. I guess vinegar will be my best friend for this couple of weeks in my attempts to get rid of them. Any advises on how to get rid of them best will be much appreciated.

Here's some detail photos of the pursuit.

This is probably how steep it going to be :O

Campy headset that comes with it. Bearings seem all dried out and need to replace.

Knackered Campy BB. Need to replace a new one.

Other details

The 700c fork for my daily use.

It'll take me a while to get this beast on road non the less the process is always the best bits ;)




® said...

beast bro. a beast.

Anonymous said...

SO HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

nice JOB!


brian k said...

mine is here too
photo on my blog www.xanga.com/briankwan

btw when u remove rust, make sure it didnt grow under the paint, otherwise u might need to strip the paint down