Saturday, 29 September 2007


Calvin mailed me this to check them out on an interview [ThinkSilly]
3 out of 7,000,000. There's Calivn, there's Brian and another posse
who's riding it in Hong Kong. The rest are just onlookers?
Well, let's hope they can build a strong army over there.


Thursday, 27 September 2007


Work has taken control over my ride for the past
3 weeks. This weekend will be out fixing the bike.
Meanwhile a friend of mine sent me some info...

Manhattan Portage - Army Of The Apocalypse...

Too nice to rough it up. Too rough to be pretty.

Stussy x who else...

[e] if you're thinking of upgrading. Go Stussy?

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Monday, 17 September 2007


Finally a ratio that will go mmm...
a simple order mistake cost me double therefore the change.
And Dia-compe gold finga'!

Grunge. On? On. On. On. [say it like 'skeletor' in pedal]

If you are in Japan and need delivery services.
Don't hesitate to look for
DM, somehow affiliated to Circles-JP.
They are just next door neighbours.
Thumbs up for the witty visual humour *****

Thanks Shinya for the Common mags, stickers and stuffs.

Saturday, 15 September 2007


Multi purpose. UNTOLD X PORTER

Dreadful When I'm not riding...

Do you know how it feels not able to ride when you're supposed too?
And spent too much time posting? I do know.
I can't ride as I'm waiting for my parts to arrive for my last minor tweak...
hopefully on monday... argh... today is ONLY saturday... argh...


Props to both of you too.
Hope to work something in the near future.


Friday, 14 September 2007


This week is bad for work but seem to be a pretty good week for my bike.
Received an unknown email from HKFixed [but now I know, cheers Calvin]
But there's one person I would like to introduce to you guys.
He's helpful and a great guy to deal with.
Funny but it seemed like I've know him for ages.
My guess is that he's just very friendly and trustworthy
[did I mention that earlier?] Yea friendly and trustworthy.
Gentlemen let me introduce to you, Mr Shinya Tanaka of Circles-JP.
You'll be pleased and thank him for what he's got in store for us.
Click image to link please.
Thanks Shinya for all the good stuff. Keep in touch.


Fixie, Fixed Gear etc. However you wanna call it
it's a single language that keeps all riders together.
Check HK Fixed and the sweet rides. The Bianchi guys, the bianchi.
Calvin meet Eric or [e], Beev and Craig [wip on his bike]
let's give a warm rubber-burn-tar-patch for Calvin.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

The scars of skidding.

Two weeks ago i got a new Vittoria Rubino tyre for the rear wheel. Two weeks later, to my surprise the tyre is already showing sign of (badly) wear & tear. It's a nice affordable (£12.50) tyre with very low rolling resistance (145psi) but if you're thinking of using it for skid stoppings - i wldnt recommend. Hutchingson Quartz seem to withstand much better to skiddings but it's more expensive (£20ish).

Either i minimise the skidding habit or find a better alternative tyre for this purpose. ® suggested Soma Everwear and I'll look further into these thick heavy tyres. Hope we're not compromising much on rolling resistance.

The scar:

Saturday, 8 September 2007


Soma Hellyer .Cold forged.
It comes with a 46 tooth 1/8" chainring,
and the crank is 144bcd so there are lots
of options if you want to switch.

Yummy! but pricey.

Info: thebikebiz


is finally completed.

Soma Delancey 54cm /
Seaweed black [original colour]
- powder coated White

Chris King 1-1/8" / 98g / Silver

Nitto - B201AA / Gold

Oury BMX / White / Yellow

Bar end caps:
Profile Dog collar / Gold

3T Mutant 90mm
- powder coated white

Velocity Deep-V / Front & rear / White

Hubs / Lockring:
Miche Low Flange Track / Silver

Spoke nipples :
Circles / Gold

Michelin Speedium 2 700x23c - Front
Michelin Pro Race 700x23c - Rear

Sugino 75 /165 / Silver

Sugino Zen Messenger / 48t / Silver

Chain: Izumi track 110

Cog: Black Soma 1/8" / 16t

Pedals / Cage / Strap:
MKS Sylvan Road - Silver / MKS - Silver / MKS - White

Seat post:
Miche Primato Pista Supertype / Silver


Brooks B-17 / Black / trimmed

Knog Frog LED lights
Andy Warhol Rotten Banana sticker

And the final pursuit...



Like I've mentioned this to [e] as it seem like
I'm starting a pet farm. Oh well, I have purchased
two animal-related-name-after products for my bike.
The illuminated albino KNOG Frog and
Profile Dog Collar bar end caps.
Both from Circles.
Thanks Shinya.

Not forgetting... e-cat

It's sunny today and let's hope it'll stay that for the rest of the day.
Tar hitting in the evening and maybe a car park session tomorrow.

Next post on complete bike set up and details.
Heading down town now for work related shopping.
Yes! I said work related and definitely the P. St. "char-siew-fun".

cheers to my UK fixed-heads!

KUL 12:05PM