Saturday, 8 September 2007


Like I've mentioned this to [e] as it seem like
I'm starting a pet farm. Oh well, I have purchased
two animal-related-name-after products for my bike.
The illuminated albino KNOG Frog and
Profile Dog Collar bar end caps.
Both from Circles.
Thanks Shinya.

Not forgetting... e-cat

It's sunny today and let's hope it'll stay that for the rest of the day.
Tar hitting in the evening and maybe a car park session tomorrow.

Next post on complete bike set up and details.
Heading down town now for work related shopping.
Yes! I said work related and definitely the P. St. "char-siew-fun".

cheers to my UK fixed-heads!

KUL 12:05PM


[e] said...

e-meow is sweet. grrrr...

Where are you putting the two frogs?

® said...

they are my eyes...hahaha front & rear.... so copping e-cat? yea? or yay!

[e] said...

The woman is watching. cant cop...just yet :P