Monday, 30 June 2008


Download the 1st issue here.
Ya it says FREE on the cover.


Saturday, 28 June 2008

A Nerdy Story About Bikes by CyclingWMD

I finally caught up with Alan's story.
I've always wondered, am sure the rest of you too
why and where he got his steeds. It's just amazing.
You lots got to read this if you haven't.

Blow your heads off fellas
Why I Have What I Have

Enjoy it. I know I did.




Friday, 27 June 2008


I rove it!



Damn you drivers if you can't spot us within a year away.

I can see the future... no wait!
Infact I see the entire galaxy from this wheel.
Black hole on the far right and
Milkyway on far left top corner and
the red, yellow and green is the late Bob Marley.

ps: spot E.T?


Again from OCF


This may not be new but heck!
The disc is made out of wood!
I ain't hot about the looks
except the wood bit makes me wonder.

Taken from OCF

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Alive we are.

*UPDATED better quality photo*

Didnt want to take more since it's not fully done up yet.

Probably some of you thought we've lost the way of fixie. But infact we have been busy (excuses i know :P )

So here's a quick n dirty picture of my new ride. Apologies of the poor quality. Havent' got me proper cam (gf took it home)

Here it is. Will have a proper one when i get me self of one of those poser white tires.


IT IS...

My new job has taken much of my time for the past few months.
Bigger jobs but with a smaller team. Therefore this is my excuse
for not updating and riding too. Besides it's all in parts now
after I decided to strip it down for a major clean up and also
putting the frame set up for sale though I haven't been pushing...

Caught up with [e] regarding 'what else' and we might just
wanna do something for ourselves next spring/summer '09.

Just a lil' sumfing sumfing ;)


Wednesday, 4 June 2008

For those who's feeling Grreeen.

Recently someone was asking about green tire. Here it is. Grand Compe is keeping us happy with green this summer.

More goodies!

Royce hubs and Cinelli stem came today. I highly recommend these Royce hubs, the finishing is to its highest standard, cant wait to ride on them.

Sorry on the poor quality pictures :S

Cinelli 1/A 1" 85mm

Royce hubs :p~

Royce rear track 120mm for 20holes

Royce front mid-flange hub for 12holes

Caverndish is lacing them up at the moment. Will only get back next Tuesday >.<"

There's still a bit more to do for the Rossin before i start rolling her down the street.

More updates soon.



Finally got my hands on these lovely rims off our man Roberto. Took me a while to find them. Getting them lace soon!

French made - 12 holes Rigida DP18

Campagnolo Vento - 20 holes