Thursday, 26 June 2008

Alive we are.

*UPDATED better quality photo*

Didnt want to take more since it's not fully done up yet.

Probably some of you thought we've lost the way of fixie. But infact we have been busy (excuses i know :P )

So here's a quick n dirty picture of my new ride. Apologies of the poor quality. Havent' got me proper cam (gf took it home)

Here it is. Will have a proper one when i get me self of one of those poser white tires.



Anonymous said...

yay, that turned out to be one very pretty bike. what kind of rim did you put in the rear? looks so nice an polished.

pretty bike. wanna see some good ones, soon.

ps: good to see you guys posting again.

[e] said...

Cheers Alex. That's what comestic surgery can do to a lady of that age. All good :D

The rear wheel is Campagnolo Vento.

Will get some more pixs soon.

® said...

One hell of a bike I must say bro. Gotta continue my bad boy soon after I settle stuffs for my old man. Love them rims. Wanna help me get them and bring it back the next trip? Sek! :)

® said...

Go for blue tyres or full black front and poser white back.

ganrin said...

wow!! gorgeous bike!!

I got a spinergy for rear and now changing to fixed gear.
I'll up my newone and want to see more photo of your Rossin!

[e] said...

Cheers Ganrin. Looking forward to see yours mate.

I'll get more pics up once i finalised on the last few bits n bobs :D Will keep u chaps posted.

®: Am thinking full black for front might be an option too. Will switch to 650c eventually ;)

Young jZ said...

Nice bike!

1980s European pursuit/funnybikes are the way to go, as everybody probably know already. ;)

Anonymous said...

that vento sure as hell looks very pretty.

[e] said...

Aye. Check out the bay. they hv few on listing. ;)