Thursday, 26 June 2008

IT IS...

My new job has taken much of my time for the past few months.
Bigger jobs but with a smaller team. Therefore this is my excuse
for not updating and riding too. Besides it's all in parts now
after I decided to strip it down for a major clean up and also
putting the frame set up for sale though I haven't been pushing...

Caught up with [e] regarding 'what else' and we might just
wanna do something for ourselves next spring/summer '09.

Just a lil' sumfing sumfing ;)



Anonymous said...

oh, oh... whasthat? toxic. you're not planning to do the hundredth fixed gear clothing line, are you? :)

come on, in parts? i took my bb out and put it back in in search for a squeaking noise. cleaned all drive train parts along the way. found out, it been just the chain. that took like 60 to 90 minutes, because was to weak to get it unscrewed. lol. so, that should be like half of the bike? built a bike and riiiide. :D

Anonymous said...

HEY LOOOOK - there is life in this blog!

glad to see! hope all is well with you and your crew!


® said...

haha nah i ain't jumping on that cotton industry and yes! i am weaker now after dismantling my ride due to hectic job [excuses not ;)]
no details yet on Toxic but hope to have more in near future...hehe

YES LOOOK there are, infact, little life beings in this blog :)

Glad to hear from you guys and I obviously need to catch up. Later guys.