Saturday, 9 June 2007


but BMX. Bikes. Watch trailer at site.


Relevant name to the products.
Handmade from TKO. Check here and here.


An aimless browse turns Gold.
Thought I'd post it first for you guys.
Haven't read it myself yet though.
Enjoy it and hope it'll give you guys
some inspiration.

'Urban Death Maze was distributed freely among
the New York messenger community from

December 1998 to December 2001.

The last issue of Urban Death Maze was printed in 2001.

Every issue up on the site for all to enjoy.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Great Friday

First of all to congratulate ® on getting his long awaited frame - Soma Delancey. Finally his fixie project can kick start once again after months of miserable waiting and worrying. Secondly, I've receive news that Beever's bike has already been delivered this morning. I guess it'll be a busy weekend for us, expect more posting from us.

Craig has also got his new gold finger brake lever for his new Nitto drop bar. Though he hasnt been keeping us up to date on his plan / progress which he should really start doing now!!! >.<"

Again a big 'YAYY!!' for all!


Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Hmm... available online if interested.

Images: Fatlace


Orders are accepted. Modrocker [below]



The latest... keeping it safe and yet not scratching it.
I'd DIY one for myself.

and how to feel safe leaving it for days... maybe years...

Heard another friend is BMX-ing now...
here's an excellent link to WBASE

Images: honeyee and fatlace


Here, have my bottle opener!
What beauty these lugs.

If I can cash out without worrying I'd go for my favourite customs.
They say God is in the details...
it's true. "God Is In The Details"

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The British Isles

This is a good site that shows you a healthy list of vintage bicycles. Don't we all just admire the craftsmanship then as compared to our current soulless mass production?

Here's a Condor classic. Absolute beauty. The amazing
W. B. "Bill" Hurlow responsible for some of the fancy lug design while he was heading Condor back in the 60s.

Here's what 1962 Cycling weekly reported:

"In the heart of London, at 90 Grays Inn Road, W.C.1, is the modest facade of progressive, increasingly popular Condor Cycles. Their workshop, presided over by W. B. (Bill) Hurlow, is located at a less congested site little more than a mile away, at 211 Balls Pond Road, N. 1. 5 First class craftsmanship and up-to-date design have been the key notes of a reputation built up in the past five to six years and, as is the case with many lightweight specialists, Condor Cycles have based their business on a variety of frames rather than attempting to provide complete machines to standard specifications for their knowledgeable customers.

And Condor cycles still stand in Grays Inn Road today... Indeed, I'm a proud owner of Condor pista ;)

W. B. "Bill" Hurlow Lug designs

The chrome Condor badge. sweeto

What a beauty...speechless

What more to say...

Find out more here.

Source from Classic Rendezvous

I'm already sourcing for a vintage lugged frame now, of course this time with a relatively small budget and over a much longer period but more importantly I'll be piecing bits together with my own hands. Apparently the guy who Bee got her ladies bike from has a good connection with the Cambridge council & police there. Hence stolen or old unwanted frames / bikes will most likely go to him first. He has replied me that he has a few of them lying around, now I'm just waiting for him to snap some pics.

I must admit I'm already addicted to the simplicity and minimal beauty of a fixie. I just cant get enough of them. I need more fix' now...



To some it's 'part of life'
To some it's just bikes.
To some it's a hobby.
To some it's health.
To some it's a topic.
To some it's point A to B.
To some it's a passion.
To some it's a trend. Almost fashion.
To some it's a culture.
To some it's a statement.
To some it's to be seen.
To some it's green.
To some it's everything...
...that are not justifiable to these respected two wheels.

Been in touch with reality.
You'd be surprised how little,
people, actually understand a bike.
Pardon me..."The Bike"
And I have been blurred by the mist
blowing from the steamy hot air room.

There's no half way. Just one way.

Respect the pedals

Monday, 4 June 2007




It's June.
Bought frameset since April.
From the bay.
As usual a prompt payer.
10 days later. Parcel sent.
Postal complications. EMS.
Parcel resent. No details.
10days after. Empty handed.

Contacted. Replies wasn't swift [as before purchase]
Shipping number asked.
Shipping number did not get.
Said, 'I left it in my truck'
Asked again, same answer,
'I left it in my truck
Will get back once I get'

April's gone. Come May.
Mounts of emails. Most like snails.
Stressful mornings and sleepless nights.

Got email with shipping number.
Said, 'I got it from my truck'
Number can't be tracked.
Number not registered.
Contacted Post. Contacted Customs.
If I can, I'd contact the PD and shout fraud?
Who's to blame? Is it me? Is it you?

Second shipping number in mail.
Contacted Post. Contacted Customs.
Failed in misery.
Check the local postal site. It says
'Your shipping number 'is' not exist'
What a way to describe disgrace. The 'Is' in the sentence.
If I can, I'd contact your Mayor and shout quit your job.
Who's to blame? Is it me? Is it you?

It's still May but mid-late May.
Hit the dispute button on the bay.
Got info and shipping number.
I wonder what comes my way?
Hopeful it is accurate
as I was thinking I'd been had.
Contacted Post. Contacted Customs.
Lady says 'We've got your frame!
My mouth twitched.
A smile broke from my poker face.
and she continues 'But it's almost dead'
I said I'd kiss you if you help.
Got the post to be my agent
and I can't wait another day.

Who's to blame? Is it me? Is it you?
This time I'd say 'You'
for not giving me the info in the first place,
second, the 'You' [post office] for not acting swiftly
to inform me [i had to call]
also for not sending me a custom detained/clearance letter.
But I'd still say thanks
and appreciate the help anyways.
So who's to blame?
Feedback has past due.
Is it me? Or is it you?

If only I was given a proper info since day one
and all could have been sorted
without any complications, delays and sorts.

Spoken to Post officer [Thanks Malar]
Receiving Delancey within this week.
Hopefully quick.
As USPS have faxed POS M
issueing an immediate release.
So no extra payment needed and
delivered to the doorstep.
The next thing is will it be a full frame set?
1 box ticked. Few to go.

Today is the 2nd month [exact] since purchased
and 47th day since shipped.
So maybe it'll be special if I receive Delancey
on the 50th day.
Good things for those who wait?
Thank God.