Friday, 8 June 2007

Great Friday

First of all to congratulate ® on getting his long awaited frame - Soma Delancey. Finally his fixie project can kick start once again after months of miserable waiting and worrying. Secondly, I've receive news that Beever's bike has already been delivered this morning. I guess it'll be a busy weekend for us, expect more posting from us.

Craig has also got his new gold finger brake lever for his new Nitto drop bar. Though he hasnt been keeping us up to date on his plan / progress which he should really start doing now!!! >.<"

Again a big 'YAYY!!' for all!



[e] said...

Disappointment on our side. The parcel didnt arrive today. Shame. Else wld be a great Friday indeed. :(

® said...

Srap 'em Post man! Piak!Piak!Piak!

BeeV said...

huhuhu it's Saturday and friggin Parcel Force still has my bike! GRRR!!!

® said...

But look on the brighter side... what is a few days compared to 2 months? ;)