Monday, 4 June 2007


It's June.
Bought frameset since April.
From the bay.
As usual a prompt payer.
10 days later. Parcel sent.
Postal complications. EMS.
Parcel resent. No details.
10days after. Empty handed.

Contacted. Replies wasn't swift [as before purchase]
Shipping number asked.
Shipping number did not get.
Said, 'I left it in my truck'
Asked again, same answer,
'I left it in my truck
Will get back once I get'

April's gone. Come May.
Mounts of emails. Most like snails.
Stressful mornings and sleepless nights.

Got email with shipping number.
Said, 'I got it from my truck'
Number can't be tracked.
Number not registered.
Contacted Post. Contacted Customs.
If I can, I'd contact the PD and shout fraud?
Who's to blame? Is it me? Is it you?

Second shipping number in mail.
Contacted Post. Contacted Customs.
Failed in misery.
Check the local postal site. It says
'Your shipping number 'is' not exist'
What a way to describe disgrace. The 'Is' in the sentence.
If I can, I'd contact your Mayor and shout quit your job.
Who's to blame? Is it me? Is it you?

It's still May but mid-late May.
Hit the dispute button on the bay.
Got info and shipping number.
I wonder what comes my way?
Hopeful it is accurate
as I was thinking I'd been had.
Contacted Post. Contacted Customs.
Lady says 'We've got your frame!
My mouth twitched.
A smile broke from my poker face.
and she continues 'But it's almost dead'
I said I'd kiss you if you help.
Got the post to be my agent
and I can't wait another day.

Who's to blame? Is it me? Is it you?
This time I'd say 'You'
for not giving me the info in the first place,
second, the 'You' [post office] for not acting swiftly
to inform me [i had to call]
also for not sending me a custom detained/clearance letter.
But I'd still say thanks
and appreciate the help anyways.
So who's to blame?
Feedback has past due.
Is it me? Or is it you?

If only I was given a proper info since day one
and all could have been sorted
without any complications, delays and sorts.

Spoken to Post officer [Thanks Malar]
Receiving Delancey within this week.
Hopefully quick.
As USPS have faxed POS M
issueing an immediate release.
So no extra payment needed and
delivered to the doorstep.
The next thing is will it be a full frame set?
1 box ticked. Few to go.

Today is the 2nd month [exact] since purchased
and 47th day since shipped.
So maybe it'll be special if I receive Delancey
on the 50th day.
Good things for those who wait?
Thank God.



[e] said...

Hip hip hoooorayyy!!! Finally a positive progress. Indeed a relieve. Good luck and will be waiting for those lovely picz. ^^

® said...

damn QLs! ;P