Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Old school race caps which can passed off as school bhoys or AC/DC.

Zipped collar tees - very functional item.

and oh we so love the green bike jacket. We want one. GRReen.

Images taken: honeyee store fom HPP








Flop, here's a BNN for you!
THE GOOD : Protein feed for super pedals.
THE GOOD & THE BAD : "Peels Kill Even With Fixie Skills" - Flip ®

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Apologies for the lack of introduction to the other part of The Rotten Club.
Yes we are actually far apart from each other. And he is Eric and I am Rich.
He's there and I'm over here. There will be other contributors in the future.
Erm...well, yea that's about it.

This is another one I've been eyeing on. CIOCC [sounds like Coach]
but what makes this a classic Rotten beauty is the name of the bike -
ENEMY. Makes me wanna trash someone. But come to think of it
this frame was designed for pursuit so maybe it won't be as easy to ride
after all.... so far that's what my research showed me.

Just spoke to Mr.Tan, sounded very friendly and chatty. Did some enquiries...
checked the pricing for the red CIOCC ENEMY frame set and if I'm getting it
I think I will be able to get it without burning my pocket or go on for a month or
two hunger strike with a placard saying "Pedal for Food" in front of my work place
and doing messenger jobs during lunch hour.
Hmmm... that could be quite cool...anyways, EDDY MERCKX -
ALL TEAM 53cm frame is for sale too. Red as well with a thick, flat lower tube.
Real sexy. Infact, all classics on display are for sale with 5 year warranty.
Couple of Eddy Merckx available too. Think it'll be a good idea to drop by
and have a real guy talk to Mr.Tan. Maybe some hard bargaining too
that comes with a cup of tea?

Update soon... back to work.

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Monday, 26 March 2007

For the lady(bee)

As you all may know cycling is one of the many good ways of keeping your partner and you in a healthy relationship, literally ;) And of course the sunset, romance and picnics (summer is coming!).

Bee (my partner) is willing to take up this new craze of ours but worried being not able to keep up and not fall over on a "big" bike so she said. We had looked into different sizes and shapes of bikes and her confidence still no where been found until the idea of foldable bike was proposed.

We've found a few cool foldable bikes, but she had her heart fixed on one of these two, the Dahon Vitesse D7 and Dahon Curve D3.

Dahon Vitesse D7 [clicky]

Dahon Curse D3 [clicky]

Once my fixie is within reach, we'll be taking one of this baybeh in too. Now we better start thinking where to store them in our tiny flat. More updates soon.


Messenger bags

One of the (many) essential accessories for the fixies.

Some of the bags that we both
drool over.

Bagjack x Beinghunted Messenger Bag [clicky]
(black/white/red [sold out] and olives/white/red)

Visvim E-Cat Ballisitc Messenger [clicky]
(black, white and olives)

Bagjack x Head Porter [clicky]

More to come...


Greetings from London

Welcome to The Rotten Club, I think ® (or Flip in this case) didn't really introduce the "we" he mentioned earlier. Simply put it, ® (Flip) is from Kul (MY) and me, ez+ (Flop) from Kul too, but currently reside in the other end of the world, Ldn (UK).

Ah yes... Finally we are doing something that's quite transatlantic after many years of talking, isnt it ®? The Rotten Club is the whole notion of us riding together virtually and keeping each other posted on our venture through the city (respectively) via fixies.

Condor Pista Framesets

Condor unique triangular tube

The emblem

On me side, I'm pretty much set on this Condor Pista framesets with carbon folks, the unique triangular tubing . Like ® has put it, the slightly more edgy framesets. Beauty as it may stand, unfortunately, it still going to be awhile before i can get my hand on this honey, as I impatiently waiting for the approval from my agency on the Cycle Scheme. According to Keith from Condor Cycles (@ Gray's Inn road), it may takes up to 2 1/2 weeks to "custom" build the fixie. Will keep it posted here on the (slow) progress.



Our first recommended ride the tune is HOLYFUCK
Lo-Fi electronica rock from Canada. It's enegry bar.
Check our tunes in future labelled :
This will be interesting.


Welcome to The Rotten Club.
As we are preparing our FGs, we will be compiling more
updates to keep you or somebody posted on our journey to
the road. And hopefully to lock on fixie heads over here
to see how we crash, burn and still keep pedallin'. Also more
artwork to be posted as we're in the midst of working something out.

On my side, I'm thinking of Soma Delancey. Repaint to suit Rotten
the classic way and on the other hand I think my mate will be on the other
side of Rotten. Edgy. Well we can actually call ourselves 'Flip-Flop" :)
Nothing beats the feeling of customizing your own. Here's to you Flop ;)