Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Apologies for the lack of introduction to the other part of The Rotten Club.
Yes we are actually far apart from each other. And he is Eric and I am Rich.
He's there and I'm over here. There will be other contributors in the future.
Erm...well, yea that's about it.

This is another one I've been eyeing on. CIOCC [sounds like Coach]
but what makes this a classic Rotten beauty is the name of the bike -
ENEMY. Makes me wanna trash someone. But come to think of it
this frame was designed for pursuit so maybe it won't be as easy to ride
after all.... so far that's what my research showed me.

Just spoke to Mr.Tan, sounded very friendly and chatty. Did some enquiries...
checked the pricing for the red CIOCC ENEMY frame set and if I'm getting it
I think I will be able to get it without burning my pocket or go on for a month or
two hunger strike with a placard saying "Pedal for Food" in front of my work place
and doing messenger jobs during lunch hour.
Hmmm... that could be quite cool...anyways, EDDY MERCKX -
ALL TEAM 53cm frame is for sale too. Red as well with a thick, flat lower tube.
Real sexy. Infact, all classics on display are for sale with 5 year warranty.
Couple of Eddy Merckx available too. Think it'll be a good idea to drop by
and have a real guy talk to Mr.Tan. Maybe some hard bargaining too
that comes with a cup of tea?

Update soon... back to work.

Pics/links from BikeCult.com