Monday, 26 March 2007

For the lady(bee)

As you all may know cycling is one of the many good ways of keeping your partner and you in a healthy relationship, literally ;) And of course the sunset, romance and picnics (summer is coming!).

Bee (my partner) is willing to take up this new craze of ours but worried being not able to keep up and not fall over on a "big" bike so she said. We had looked into different sizes and shapes of bikes and her confidence still no where been found until the idea of foldable bike was proposed.

We've found a few cool foldable bikes, but she had her heart fixed on one of these two, the Dahon Vitesse D7 and Dahon Curve D3.

Dahon Vitesse D7 [clicky]

Dahon Curse D3 [clicky]

Once my fixie is within reach, we'll be taking one of this baybeh in too. Now we better start thinking where to store them in our tiny flat. More updates soon.


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