Monday, 26 March 2007

Greetings from London

Welcome to The Rotten Club, I think ® (or Flip in this case) didn't really introduce the "we" he mentioned earlier. Simply put it, ® (Flip) is from Kul (MY) and me, ez+ (Flop) from Kul too, but currently reside in the other end of the world, Ldn (UK).

Ah yes... Finally we are doing something that's quite transatlantic after many years of talking, isnt it ®? The Rotten Club is the whole notion of us riding together virtually and keeping each other posted on our venture through the city (respectively) via fixies.

Condor Pista Framesets

Condor unique triangular tube

The emblem

On me side, I'm pretty much set on this Condor Pista framesets with carbon folks, the unique triangular tubing . Like ® has put it, the slightly more edgy framesets. Beauty as it may stand, unfortunately, it still going to be awhile before i can get my hand on this honey, as I impatiently waiting for the approval from my agency on the Cycle Scheme. According to Keith from Condor Cycles (@ Gray's Inn road), it may takes up to 2 1/2 weeks to "custom" build the fixie. Will keep it posted here on the (slow) progress.


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