Monday, 15 December 2008

Congrats to Chris Hoy on 2008 BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Well deserved for the king of track. Superb personality and definitely a role model for the people. It was a tough battle between Lewis Hamilton & Chris Hoy.

Lewis is the youngest F1 champion and Chris Hoy most successful Scott olympian and became the first Briton to win three golds at one Games since 1908.

Well done to Hoy. We look forward to 2012!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


It's been awhile since I've posted [or anyone in this case] and I
guess the guys are busy planning for 2009. Or whatever.
And I've been sorting my stuffs too and so far, all goes well.
Not much on my work but things in general are getting better.
So the boxes are ticked and some corrected for reconsideration...

and one of those is this blog...

And of the things that I will need to let go...
Yea who would have thought this day will come.
I didn't but it came anyways. So yea there goes the hard work but
not all are bad as the boys will still be running it.

I'll still be contacting some of you for bike stuffs.
Yes I am [still] in the midst of rebuilding my red one and know what?
It's actually nicer to rebuild a bike with time on your side and
no one to bother you. You get all the time to look for super authentic parts
and have your own sweet time to consider the options while having a latté
on a Sunday morning. Damn I do feel good about this bike.

I'll be still be knocking on doors... Alan - CyclingWMD, Alex - Straightchain
and not forgetting this dude David aka ID. A biker who'd do anything to help
another biker just to get the details of a bike we both have. Thanks D.

Anyways, yup this is it. Ride safe dudes.

"We ride, we fall, we'll keep pedalin" - TRC


Saturday, 1 November 2008


Now this is worth hoping for and squeaky clean design.

by Alberto


Friday, 31 October 2008


Sotto Voce Headset Markings [above, on a 1.5"]
It all started with the graphics used on the 1.5 headsets...
soft understated, almost invisible markings.
After all, even though we are proud to display our
careful and discerning choices, they are mostly about the quality of the component.
Starting in November of 2008, the old familiar white graphics seen for years on
Chris King® headsets will transition into the more subtle Sotto Voce.
Previous white markings will still be available on Black headsets,
and as a special order on all other colors. As before, 1.5 maintains in Sotto Voce.
Update from Chris King®

On a 2Nut. Nice huh?


Monday, 27 October 2008

Taa Daa...

Sorry bout the craps photos..


E's old Condor 2007 frame (52) sprayed gloss black and cable guides removed by VAZ

Deep V's with Grand Compe Hubs

Hutchinson Tyres

Sugino 75 Crank and 48t Chainring

Campy Centaur BB

Dura ace 16t sprocket and Dura ace lockring

Izumi chain

Campy Mirage caliper and Specialized cross lever

Oury grips

Cinelli Vai stem

Shitty steel bar

FSA headset

FSA seatpost

GT BMX saddle

VP Pedals (sprayed by moi), Ale clips and MKS straps

We the people bar ends

Big thanks to E for the awesome frame....shits all over the bone-shaking Langster!

Monday, 20 October 2008


Click on the pic. to link. Can't post via Tube.

Good stuff can't be erased. You'll agree. Classic.


252 freaking gear inch!!

Came across this insanely huge massive mammoth gigantic chainring for Schwinn 1941 Red Devil. Can't imagine how long to get you up to speed but once you're up there, the rest is history. woo hoo nuts!

source from flickr


Thursday, 16 October 2008


Yes so are we! Good or bad. It's still Obama Bike.

The hand built, Geekhouse Custom ‘Rockcity’ Frame measures 55cm,
comes race ready with a nice array of parts, and sports a highly designed,
curved seat tube.
Read more... or Buy it here


Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I decided not to post any of the pics!

VIEW with

But is it scarier than this?

Tumbled - Google



It's good to know priorities are changing for a simple benefit.
I do hope this move will trickle down and around [the world] too.
Definitely applicable to the light/medium transit rails here and I don't see why not.
So who's to bring this up to the Minister of Transportation?

On a personal note, I don't mind living in SF. Not because of this train thing
[duh!??] but more of the creative buzz. Been scoping a lot on it... just thoughts.



Thinking of a copy...

Friday, 10 October 2008


The Bicycle
The Myth and The Passion

This handsomely illustrated volume traces the evolution of the bicycle and spotlights landmarks in its illustrious history. From the first sketches in the 1490s by a student of Leonardo da Vinci to the High Wheel Bicycles that had their heyday in the 1880s, hundreds of archival photographs and illustrations depict the features of these and other early ancestors of the modern bicycle, accompanying a text that vividly recreates the excitement of each new innovation. Documenting the advent of ball bearings and pneumatic tires, the development of high-tech racing bicycles and state-of-the-art all terrain bikes with waffle tread tires and heavier frames, The Bicycle examines the models and components that have been the fulfillment of the dreams of visionary inventors. Through an engaging text and vibrant graphics, readers will meet the key players in the world of cycling and gain a newfound appreciation for the colorful history of the bicycle.

The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles
Craftsmanship, Elegance, and Function

The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles is a celebration of the design history and craftsmanship behind this simple but efficient two-wheeled vehicle. Featuring fifty classic models built by hand, this book unveils the bicycle’s technical evolution within a historical context. Beautifully detailed are early-twentieth-century models with multi-gear systems, mid-century machines where war and postwar economy challenged craft and utility, as well as modern and contemporary bicycles. Featured artisans and brands include La Gauloise, Reyhand, Schulz, Barra, Alex Singer, and René Herse. With brilliant full-color images of each model and chronological text detailing the craftsmanship that went into producing these elegant machines, this book will appeal to bicycle enthusiasts and to anyone interested in design.



How Was Your Monday?

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Wanna ride towards the sunset
and live happily ever after?
via chairiki

argh... i'm f 'in' bored.


Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bits of Bumblebee

As some of you may know that I've been wanting to sell my first love a while back and it's all happening it now. It's really nice of Ian and Craig to help me to sort them out while I'm out of the country. Big ups to Ian n Craig. Beers on me!

You can find them here @ Londonfgss

Bumblebee in pieces...


Some here


OH hELLO!?!!


As seen and taken from


Friday, 3 October 2008


License. Seoul brothers. Word up.
Will hit you back soon D.



Apologies to all that have contacted TRC recently
and did not get any replies until today.
As I mentioned to Patrick I sorta lost my memory
(for having too many passwords)

Also quick update on my side.
I have not been riding for a long time.
I am taking my time to get IT fix but also now
is not the best time to do so due to this global financial
crisis and other personal stuffs which I'm still on.
So yeah everything's on hold. My bad? Yea. Maybe. Whatever.

On a brighter note we've got Pedal Consumption for reality check.
Thanks Patrick.



4 passionate dudes from Milan, PistaMania, Italy.


Friday, 26 September 2008

Thursday, 25 September 2008


L. Armstrong? I'm not a fan of MASHSF except one rider, Andy,
but this is quite interesting. Nice frame I must say especially the monotone.
More here.


Thanks [E] for the typo error >.<

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Beautiful bike.



Go with this or this. Either they look good.
Better with a pitbull tagging along. Yea.
[we don't need another hero...
damn song is on my head]
via Jules Gayton



Monday, 22 September 2008

Naga vs Bob

The D mans crank was making a nasty crunchy noise so we got together for an impromptu bike-meet. It turns out that Dodd has arms made of Spaghetti and hadn't tightened his crank properly. After over an hour of farting around we'd pulled the crank, pulled the bb, cleaned and lubed and reinstalled using the power of ten tigers rather than the power of Dodd's Nan.

Then it got nasty.....Bob took a dislike to the way that Naga was looking at his shiny new paint job and a scuffle ensued. It's a tough call but i think Layla is way better (and faster) than both!!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Original Rossin 650c stem fork restored!

Finally it's clean, no more rust and fully chromed to it's formal glory. Thanks to Bee's father for helping me on this. Now all i need to do is to get me arse back to London and reunite this fork with the frame. For those who's wondering, yes I'm stuck here at Kuala Lumpur with Rich, unfortunately :P

// Former glory self.

//The new glory self

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Everyone's blogging, talking etc. See Ollie's.


Monday, 15 September 2008

Mikes Bob!

Hey kids
Long time no post…. Just wanted to share with you the beauty of my friend mikes new rig. Mike had help from the bike doctor aka KingMuir putting it together and I must say it looks sweet ;0)

Tech spec

Bob Jackson Vigorelli 54”
Suzue pro-max sb hubs
Sugino 75 crank and bb
H plus son rims
Vittoria Zaffiro tyres
DID Chain
Phil 16t cog and dura ace lock ring
Dura ace headset
Nitto pearl stem
Nitto riser bar
Nitto Seat post
Kashimax gold saddle
Oury grips
Dirty harry lever (stripped by Mike in a tub of drain cleaner)
mks sylvan track pedals, mks cages and mks straps


This is so f***ing HAWT! I would kill it NOW if I have the extras.
Again from killer RobertoBicicletas.


Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Chari&Co. “Chari” or “Charinco” means “bike” in casual Japanese.
Keirin frames available in NYC -
Nagasawa, Makino, 3Rensho,
Vivalo, Bianchi, Cinelli, Colnago.

Parts - HED, Aerospoke, Velocity, Campagnolo, Sugino, Nitto, & etc.
Products range from bike frames, wheels, other bike parts,
books, t-shirts, and jewelry.



Lance Armstrong. Hitting the infinity 8?

It's everywhere... here, here, and here...
TDF'09 will be exciting.


Friday, 29 August 2008