Tuesday, 25 November 2008


It's been awhile since I've posted [or anyone in this case] and I
guess the guys are busy planning for 2009. Or whatever.
And I've been sorting my stuffs too and so far, all goes well.
Not much on my work but things in general are getting better.
So the boxes are ticked and some corrected for reconsideration...

and one of those is this blog...

And of the things that I will need to let go...
Yea who would have thought this day will come.
I didn't but it came anyways. So yea there goes the hard work but
not all are bad as the boys will still be running it.

I'll still be contacting some of you for bike stuffs.
Yes I am [still] in the midst of rebuilding my red one and know what?
It's actually nicer to rebuild a bike with time on your side and
no one to bother you. You get all the time to look for super authentic parts
and have your own sweet time to consider the options while having a latté
on a Sunday morning. Damn I do feel good about this bike.

I'll be still be knocking on doors... Alan - CyclingWMD, Alex - Straightchain
and not forgetting this dude David aka ID. A biker who'd do anything to help
another biker just to get the details of a bike we both have. Thanks D.

Anyways, yup this is it. Ride safe dudes.

"We ride, we fall, we'll keep pedalin" - TRC



[e] said...

We'll still be waiting for your red devil to pounce on us.

Like you said. Thing has been on hold for most of us. I'm stuck, Craiggy + Ian are out hunting for new job in this stormy economy.

So looks like 2009 will be the year to pedal even harder with the current "crisis".

Anonymous said...

consent, regarding what e said about 2009. when i was in kyoto i was riding with a pack of friends to a nearby lake, every other week. we called it "shakariki night", shakariki is based of a japanese manga about bikes, and it means something along the lines of not giving up, pedaling harder, if you cannot possibly give anymore, e.g. up-hill when everybody is sweating one yelled shakariki just fucking took off. so... that being said, don't let this crisis keep you from being slowed down. rock harder!

and as for your time out, or forever dismount. rich, it's been a pleasure blogging besides you! :)

hope all is well, heads up!

Anonymous said...