Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Nice details. [E] what do you think of it? Feelin' it?

Oh! TRC patches was put on hold but now in progress.
1/off x 3 designs, very limited pieces.
Hope to finish by end Nov-early Dec.
[E] will catch you on that later. Briefing session :)

PROJECT UNIT 101. Coming soon!


Images: Re-inforce

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Ok this is difficult to link it with bikes but
I remembered I posted Dead Souls [first track on Pedal Music player]
by Joy Division. Listen to it quick!!!
If you are a JD fan like me or even if you're not
check the movie. Please.
Or maybe try to read a little about Ian Curtis
on Amazon Online Reader.

Check CONTROL here. It's all shot in monotone. Brilliant stuff.

Now this may turn out to be a forcefully fitted post to a 'bikes-only' blog
but then again riding will be boring if it's just a very long straight road!?
Yea... yea...

Enjoy it.



My weekend 'Shadow'.
As I don't ride everyday like the most of you do [ you lucky bastards]
I found a weird relief to actually have this on my desktop wallpaper.
Download if you want. [Screen size: 1280 x 800]

GOOD LUCK to BeeV for her papers.
Score well [e] will upgrade your B-bike to a Cooper S :)


A TRC project is coming soon. Check this space.


Obviously I am bored at work... it looks ugly with the front brake.


News from CycleGlory:
The frameset is all out from their shelves.
Sandy, from CG, has contacted Bianchi for availability.
Will get back to me asap once CG receives the Y/N from Bianchi.
Swift action from CycleGlory and the courier quote is pretty decent too.

Thanks Sandy.

FINGERS X for me guys. The next email is crucial.

Like the two proud owners of B-Concept
Alan [CyclingWMD] and Calvin [HKFixed] said to me
"You Won't Regret It"

and I hope I can get it.


Sunday, 28 October 2007


Click player for BASH + MELLOWS VOL.II



Yes, I am searching for one. NOW!
Black [matte] as above.


Saturday, 27 October 2007


Got this last night at a local bike shop.
Which I was supposed to get a spare inner tube but
I was distracted by all those gadgets, gimmicky tools
and mostly bike parts. As for this pocket-size pump,
quite decent for its size. A couple of pumps and I'm set to go.
As claimed on the pump " ROCKET POCKET-Master Blaster"
How cheesy but it works.

Weather's not bad so far... but it might change later in the afternoon.
Let's see...

and I totally miss out the inners. damnit!!!


Friday, 26 October 2007


This has just killed me. I wish it's mine.

But it isn't. Too bad. For me. This is his, from
[sorry dude, i didn't catch your name] but you are good!
Damn good! From your restored Yamaguchi to this.

Also check his snaps esp. tagged Leica.
Inspiring. No doubt.

If you don't know yet, that Yamaguchi was on ebay,
grabbed and now owned by Hiroshi Fujiwara.
Now that's sick! Oh I meant the bike.

You're most welcome , Alan.


Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Finally, Rotten's Pedal Music weekly play list.
From cheese to poppers.
'Don't blame us' for not warning you.

Tracks are :
Pounding, Tonebank Jungle,
McFearless, The White Flash,
Waters of Nazareth, The Bouncer ,
Drums Of Fire, I'm Not Gonna Teach You How To...
Rise, Rise[Reprise]


p/s: feel free to browse tracks.
'We did warn you of cheese and poppers'

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


It puts a smile everytime I see this...
especially the hand 'grr'abing that cab :)
It'll be nicer if it's on a tee :)

and KK in Italy "I LOVE ROMA" Nov 17th
sponsored by SlamJam. Been expecting SJ to do
some fixie stuff... since they are associated with
SK8 and street. Partly.

Click for details



I find this flyer interesting. But if you wanna find out
what's more than a nice looking flyer,

Race at KANAZAWA VELODROME, Ishikawa prefecture.
Date: November 24 and 25
Entry: Advance ¥ 2500 (insurance included)
On the day itself: ¥ 2500 (without insurance)

Bang Bang Bang King


EAI Bare Knuckles frames. Not new but nice to look at
colours during this rainy season. And...awwh...

Paul Comp E-Lever [damn!] Well designed. Very well...
Don't feel shy using this brake! Flaunt it instead.

[e]? Are you thinking what I am thinkin'?

Truvativ/SRAM Omnium Track Crank
External bearing, comes in
165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175
arm length and
compatible with a GXP BB

and most of all i need this! Yes the one below!



I couldn't sleep last night so...
Keirin JP,
Theo Bos
Tour de France.
Hope the dog is alright though...

Monday, 22 October 2007

StussyxPorter XL <-- Massive!

Sorry for the late late post. As you know may know the daylight is getting shorter over here, hence I have not got the chance to snap some decent pics of this sweet (mammoth) messenger bag!

Anyway here's the pics for you guys to enjoy.

Huge huge bag but loving it. Almost too precious to ride with it.

Shiny - Patent leather.

lots of pockets

Love the yellow, just goes with the whole bumble bee theme :P

Btw The weather is getting cold here, brrrrr.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


Madsaki Kalavinka Panasonic

Macbikes hybrids

Images: Kalavinka/WBase

Saturday, 20 October 2007


Alcide Basso digs art and craft them.
Almost identical to [e]'s condor.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Yes I do agree. DAMN!

Check MASHSF @ honeyee
Will be getting my copy soon and props to
Brain and Calvin from HKFixed.
Thanks bros. Keep pedaling!!!


Thursday, 18 October 2007


Out of curiosity. Old & recent articles about FGs from trends to safety.
and here.

Rules are tight in some countries.
I had a hard and long stare weeks ago from the police again.
Brakes will be installed very soon just to avoid my bike sitting
pretty in the station's backyard.

ps: how's it like in yours? let me know. thanks.


Sunday, 14 October 2007


Brain and Calvin! I'm jealous!
The first AlleyCat Race hitting HK streets on HALLOWEEN.
Oh!? costumes are mandate? Well done guys.

ps: Brian, left you a message regarding Ciocc

Saturday, 13 October 2007


180 and back. I did on BMX so I think I can on a fixie.
Will try and hope I won't flip on the tar instead flipping the bike.

Vid from W-BASE JP


I remember the days when I was in primary school
and all we were waiting for was that ring of the day...
I'd zap through bodies of uniform and avoid almost anyone
except the boys which I was supposed to meet under the school staircase
where we chained our bikes together. Some brotherhood huh?
Anyways, I had this for good solid BMX years.
It gave me comfort from Kuwahara to Redline.

Well the point is will it be as comfortable as i think it was for a fixie?



Not sure if I've posted this but what the heck...
I can't ride today as it's pouring hell outside so i'll write.


by Union


As the topic goes on and on about setting a 2nd bike or something.
I am thinking of getting the Ciocc frame [as above] very soon.
Check more pics here

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Handmade leather Top tube pad

This t/t pad project took awhile partly due to my laziness and workload. Got a piece of leather hide (black + patterned) off Bricklane for a fiver, i must admit the size was rather generous.

Then i have to endure a rather painful process of pierce & sew method for which i have not owned a sewing machine and the proper tools for it. Nonetheless i was quite happy with the end result, slightly raw and minimalist. If you look closely, the (white)thread has to be painted with a black marker (yes i know i should hv gotten a black thread to save the trouble) hence the blue'ish effect :S


my so so craftmanship >:s

Vittoria Rubino <-- Not recommended

You all may well know the fun of skidding and also you all may know well the effects on your rear tire. And certainly, Vittoria Rubino tire is not meant for it, even with minimal skid stoppings you'll end up with a really sore and blistered rear rubber.

Shortly after my last post on this issue (The scars of skidding, 09/09/2007). On a wet'ish morning, 5mins into my usual journey to work, a high pitch pop that was so loud it sent everyone on the street looking over to my direction - tht moment i felt rather embarrass. Anyway when i inspected the inner tube and found out it had 2 massive holes, 1 i suspected it was the contact between the tube and the road. Though i still cant figure out how i obtained the 2nd puncture on the tube. *puzzle*

Here's the pics:

The hole

The size of the hole - a AAA batt can fit through rather easily

Skid patches