Monday, 22 October 2007

StussyxPorter XL <-- Massive!

Sorry for the late late post. As you know may know the daylight is getting shorter over here, hence I have not got the chance to snap some decent pics of this sweet (mammoth) messenger bag!

Anyway here's the pics for you guys to enjoy.

Huge huge bag but loving it. Almost too precious to ride with it.

Shiny - Patent leather.

lots of pockets

Love the yellow, just goes with the whole bumble bee theme :P

Btw The weather is getting cold here, brrrrr.


® said...

it's pretty... erm... huge... and erm... pretty...[laughs]

nah... it's definitely kicking bro. hope it can shine some lights for the shorter daylight.

oh you missed out the label detailing ... i love that mann...

briankwan said...

nice bag eric