Tuesday, 23 October 2007


EAI Bare Knuckles frames. Not new but nice to look at
colours during this rainy season. And...awwh...

Paul Comp E-Lever [damn!] Well designed. Very well...
Don't feel shy using this brake! Flaunt it instead.

[e]? Are you thinking what I am thinkin'?

Truvativ/SRAM Omnium Track Crank
External bearing, comes in
165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175
arm length and
compatible with a GXP BB

and most of all i need this! Yes the one below!

Images: TheBikeBiz.com


[e] said...

Well, not sure how often will you use the lockring / sprocket carrier remover tool. I have one, works beautifully with lockring however it's a tough bitch with the sprocket carrier. So far i've only use it once.

Just bring it down to the LBS and get them to hammer it out for ya.

Oh yeah the lever is sweet. i'm thinking of going brakeless soon. maybe :S

® said...

brakeless is the way dude. if there aren't any rules to break then go for it. like mine, it's just for a damn show.. ah.. what good citizen i am ;)
they'll leave me alone...

[e] said...

riding day in day out in london, brake is like your insurance mate. and speaking of tht if you go brakeless here, your insurance will be void. :S

® said...

very true. just leave it there. you'll one day thank yourself for that decision mate. anyways i am riding this saturday and hopefully it won't pour. today's weather is excellent.