Saturday, 6 October 2007

Vittoria Rubino <-- Not recommended

You all may well know the fun of skidding and also you all may know well the effects on your rear tire. And certainly, Vittoria Rubino tire is not meant for it, even with minimal skid stoppings you'll end up with a really sore and blistered rear rubber.

Shortly after my last post on this issue (The scars of skidding, 09/09/2007). On a wet'ish morning, 5mins into my usual journey to work, a high pitch pop that was so loud it sent everyone on the street looking over to my direction - tht moment i felt rather embarrass. Anyway when i inspected the inner tube and found out it had 2 massive holes, 1 i suspected it was the contact between the tube and the road. Though i still cant figure out how i obtained the 2nd puncture on the tube. *puzzle*

Here's the pics:

The hole

The size of the hole - a AAA batt can fit through rather easily

Skid patches

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