Sunday, 29 July 2007

Quick Update

Been a while since I have an update on my progress with my fixie & the short clip of skid stopping I've promised on previous post.

Me fixie - Watch this space, Aerospoke incoming :P

A closer look, shorter handle bar - much better now.

Track standing & giving the tongue.

An attempt to go track stand without hands.

And finally the improved skid here.

What's next?
• 700c Aerospoke clincher



Here's the sliced B17.

I was thinking of slicing it higher [Swift or Swallow]
but decided to keep the stamped logo on both sides.
Besides the rails are sticking out way too much. But I'm

happy with this slimmer B17 than before.

Delancey is out for a new coating and will be expecting
to collect sometime mid-next week. Once that is done it's all about
going and not stopping anymore. Most parts are in or will be coming in
next week and the only delay
would be the Gold spoke nipples from JP.
Hopefully by end week.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

What should I do next

Suggestions welcome!

The Great Wallet Drain

When I got my Langster 07 I thought that would be me sorted for a good year or two. Only a few months later I was looking at fixed gear galleries and thinking about my next ride. After talking to [e] and my other fixie friends I knew I had to get my teeth into a lugged frame.

Days later...

I was soon bombarded with links to frames on eBay and yahoo.

weeks later...

I was weak ;0)

Yum yum...Nagasawa !

and so the great wallet drain commences :0/

Monday, 23 July 2007


Got a call from front desk. It has arrived faster than I'd expected.

Here it is. Yellow 3T Mutant.

Again, thanks Scott from NOS . It's a beauty.
It's getting nearer and nearer... -®-

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Cadence Midwest

Who's next?

Cadence East Coast

My inspiration....


We need the numbers. MOooOoRrEEeeeeEEee.


What more to invest in a good, easy to carry (with 'civilised' weight) lock to secure one of our most beloved investment and craze? Yes, Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboudit U-lock, (almost) a pocket size, 18 mm through-hardened KryptoniumTM Steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks, double deadbolt locking mechanism for extensive holding power and all the other goodness that will help defer and/or secure your ride while you're not on it.

Here, get yourself a good lock, this will probably the best investment for your prize.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Incoming: Aerospoke

After been riding for more than 10 weeks; day or night, by lonely alleys or busy roads, rain or shine - I've seasoned myself and got to know my fixie a lil bit better. I know it's about time to update on some of the basic tricks likes skid stoppings and trackstand - I reckon it will be coming soon once Bee is confident to ride around with me so watch this space.

My latest upgrade
May I present this sweet wheel - Aerospoke 700c clincher (bolt-on) from King Kog. According to Gina (owner of King Kog) that I should be expecting it next week of so. Very excited and could bare contain my excitement :D

Image from King Kog


After 3 days of intense search I finally found and bought this
from The-New-Old-Stock NOS Bicycle Shop / bicyclist_retreat.

3T MUTANT Threadless 90mm. On its way to the new owner.
Will post the actual one once received.

Be sure to check out really awesome parts. Click the link above
or link at our "GET IT HERE" [top right of page]
Not only you get great parts but an excellent service above the rest.
Thank so much Scott.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

track bike 180


NACCC 07 Fixie tricks

Bicycle Film Festival Bike Party 5.19.07

Sweet :D

3T - For the road

I want this bad. Hook ups please. [e] it's getting unbearable.
This is a BMF!!! 3T


Killer! Hey [e] put this in your upgrade list.

Not Girardi but Kashimax Aero would be a nice option too.


MKS cage

ofcourse the Nittos

Okuyama PL Blue

Lyotard Blue [with Zefal Christophe strap+cage]

SUGINO Mighty Comp 44T

Gold Vuelta Track - PCD144-46T

MKS Custom Nuevo

MKS Sylvan Track pedal caps
Blue, Green, Red & Gold.

Images: YahooJP/Kalavinka

Thursday, 5 July 2007


An update sent to me from DesignMuseum.
A talk by Ben Wilson on his passion with rides.
I can't attend but maybe [e] can. a-hem!

Sunday 8 July, 1pm, FREE event
I love my bicycle because...

After enjoying the Tour de France,
bring your bike to the Design Museum and
tell us why you love it.
All contributions will be filmed to form
a unique archive of memories,
appraisals and passions.

Say whatever you want.
If you get into trouble with your wife/partner,
just blame it on the edit and human errors.