Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The Great Wallet Drain

When I got my Langster 07 I thought that would be me sorted for a good year or two. Only a few months later I was looking at fixed gear galleries and thinking about my next ride. After talking to [e] and my other fixie friends I knew I had to get my teeth into a lugged frame.

Days later...

I was soon bombarded with links to frames on eBay and yahoo.

weeks later...

I was weak ;0)

Yum yum...Nagasawa !

and so the great wallet drain commences :0/


[e] said...

Yayyy!!! Congratz!

This is just the beginning :D

® said...

Congrats Craig for that lugged one and your first [ahem!] post. It's time :) Keep us posted. Nagasawa!!!