Monday, 22 September 2008

Naga vs Bob

The D mans crank was making a nasty crunchy noise so we got together for an impromptu bike-meet. It turns out that Dodd has arms made of Spaghetti and hadn't tightened his crank properly. After over an hour of farting around we'd pulled the crank, pulled the bb, cleaned and lubed and reinstalled using the power of ten tigers rather than the power of Dodd's Nan.

Then it got nasty.....Bob took a dislike to the way that Naga was looking at his shiny new paint job and a scuffle ensued. It's a tough call but i think Layla is way better (and faster) than both!!


Anonymous said...

D may not know how to proper mechanical skills but he knows how to coordinated look at the bike!

D may even have a future as a bath decorator down the road. something to think about!

be good guys!


® said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! bath decorator!!!

[e] said...

LOL. ID you made my morning!

Nice one kids. Will Layla get a make over too? It's bout blardy time! :D