Monday, 20 October 2008

252 freaking gear inch!!

Came across this insanely huge massive mammoth gigantic chainring for Schwinn 1941 Red Devil. Can't imagine how long to get you up to speed but once you're up there, the rest is history. woo hoo nuts!

source from flickr



Anonymous said...

Looks like the forks are on backwards...hah

mary poppins said...

I think they are called 'stayers', and they race behind moter bikes for the entire race. The forks are backwards to keep closer to the motor pacer. looking again you can see in the photo he's riding behind a car for a speed record, where your allowed to be towed up to to speed

[e] said...

Thanks for the insight Mary Poppins. :) Very useful indeed.

I wonder what's the speed this beast can go up to? And the clearance between the chainring and the ground is tad too close for my comfort :S

Cay Broendum said...

Holy Campagnolo! this is extreem - and I thought me SPEEDSTER bike was fast....

All the best from Copenhagen