Saturday, 25 August 2007


Finally, my first major upgrade on my fixie is coming to an end (easier on the wallet now). The yummy yellow Viscount Aero seat managed to find its way here this morning (cheers Stephen!) before I headed out to Covent Garden. To my surprise this seat feels pretty comfortable, just slightly slimmer (rear width) compared to my old Brooks.

The looks? It's loud and I kinda like the attention too ;) Hopefully this loudness will deter thieves further from nicking my ride.

Here's the pics

Last but not least: Yellow Oury grips. You get the idea ;)



® said...

get rid of the white stuff on yr frame... it's too much to look at the moment...

i'm on a machined front as there's none non-machined left that time... i'm ok with it as it's not sticking out like sore thumb :)

[e] said...

send me 3m black vinyl. tht will sort it out :D

® said...

go where souped up racers are you will find loads ;)