Friday, 13 April 2007

Dear Clark, I'm feeling Rotten

Finally received an email from Clark that Delancey is on it's way. Thank you.
What nice news to start the day, what beauty can anyone compare ... but wait!
I checked the details and found out that the shipping address was not completed in the email!
[the red button on the phone alerted with non-stop buzz!]

Instantly I shot 2 urgent mails regarding on this and tracked it after that.
It has left Portland! I'm feeling helpless right this moment.
All I can do now is to pray that it is just a mistake generated by some computer
within Paypal in the email and not on the shipping label.
As they have my proper shipping address. [feeling slightly safer now]

Clark I hope you'll be 'Clark Kent' for today and save my world from crumbling.
And shoot me with a "Saved The World" reply if that's faster than flying over.
Also I'd be glad, more than glad infact, immersely thankful to reply you with a
'Thank you Clark' mail and follow up with 'Dear Daily Planet, See how Clark saved me'.
And I might just throw in a future Rotten 1/off tee.

the Rotten soul
- ®

1 comment:

[e] said...

Oh bugger,

Lets hope and pray that the evil luther co. will not try to jeapodise your chance. You go Clarke!