Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Finally, the long awaited NikeID - GOLD RUSH has arrived in my office this morning. Making me look rather popular especially on my Birthday. Shortly after that, I was again surprised by another package on my table, Rapha softshell jacket + fixed shorts. Indeed making me feel like a kid once again as I digged into all my pressies on my Birthday morning. My better half had also mailed me saying that my BJxBH will be arriving tomorrow. I must say I'm well happy and very contented for the moment.

Help yourself with some of the pics of my pressies (mind the quality of the pictures, had the cam on wrong setting and cant be arsed to do them again)


Details 1

The pair - comes with a nice dustbag + drawer box

Heel tabs - GOLD RUSH

Rapha - Fixed shorts

Details - Rapha on the pocket

Padded cycling shorts w/ 3 buttons on ending for tightening purposes

Details of the ending with 3 buttons

Rapha - Softshell Jacket

Very light, slim fit jacket with leather shoulder "padding"

Details of shoulder leather padding

Angel of the mountain...

Oh. My housemate, Dean got me a pair of Izumi Pearl gloves (black), will have some photos up tomorrow as he got me a size bigger.

I have most of the accessories to make my ride (except for brooks saddle + grips)... Now where is my damn bike? I reckon another 2 - 3 more weeks before it will materialise. Probably will give the condor chap a ring this week to find out where it stands.

More to updates to come...



® said...

Now I can't wait for my day to come...'Dear Clark' didnt listen & a smart a***!

® said...



hope you had a good one [bnn dancing]

BeeV said...

I thought Clark has come to save his damsel in distress miss pretty lois lane? hope it goes well with u too ®!

btw whats that bnn dancing? is it tht pat liong kam ugley face? :p