Monday, 11 February 2008


Okay. Today is a great day after waited close to a week.
[Biz are at a pause during the Lunar New Year] caught up with vJ,
met Henry [owner of T.R.Bikes] Chris [partner of T.R.Bikes/Singapore Fixed Gear]
but didn't manage to meet Lynten though [the other half of T.R.Bikes].
Phew... guys hope i got it right. Anyways, the shitty thing is that I didn't
have my cam with me. So no poses to the post guys and bike scoops from the shop.

I must say what I saw was enough to make me salivate for awhile.
They have some hidden good vintage shit stored away. [though if you only
think FG is it well I am sorry but the parts were mostly for roadies]
I was lucky vJ took me to the booth at the corner and gave me
a glimpse of bike porn. [better than that latest all-star-sex-scandal-shit] Hehe...
Obviously they do have the frames I posted here a while ago.
But you've got to see the real thing. ILL... so if you're here in S'pore for
a visit, biz trip, blah blah... drop by and meet the guys and get sorted.

Lunch was good vJ. Chris, hopefully I'll be able to ride with the SFG crew
in near future [I'm warning you right now I can't booze if you guys are to
'cos if I do I'll probaly end up driving a car home instead] and Henry, thanks for the trade.

And Andy, if you're checking this blog out because you're soo freaking bored
I really suggest to get a custom-made soon that's true to your size. A Bob Jackson?
or maybe you're lucky a Ciocc in red? ;) Nice catching up with you guys.
Thanks Danny and congrats for your future plans.

Catch ya guys soon.



[e] said...

Looks like you guys been busy. All sound good. Makes me home sick >.<"

And you slacker ® i want to see photos!!!

Anonymous said...

let the ciocc go! maybe someone will trade you a super sweet complete frame for it ;^D

® said...

id techniques - i've been thinking too for a while. the thing is it's got to be a solid Bob Jackson and there are hard to come by.

[e] - Cam was with my other half for a market visit here.
I too wanna see photos that comes with posts *cough* what about from uk *cough* as well. slackers... :)